Oh her lips burn with imagination
Most people call them lies
She calls them her silent companions
Because they are the only ones
The only truths in what cannot be truth
Everything else so obviously deception

With her disfigured shape of woman
Short legs and long face
Eyes too deep and mouth too straight
She's a horror to look at
Nothing like beauty should be
Would be if we all were the same

So she walks along everywhere
Testing everything because if it happens
And nothing will happen
It won't matter anyway
She is a spot of accidental imperfection on humanity
Less than what is meant to be
So if she cuts and breathes in deep
The chemicals and warm drinks they place in her hands
Cupped like a prayer to the God who has forsaken her
Non-existent Deity smite her if He can

Because she is nothing compared to the everythings
The bodies all around her plastic figures
Cut in all the right places cookie people
Drawn with lines of unoriginality
So beautiful and flat what pretty pictures
Graceful with perfect mouths
So much better to kiss and taste
Perfect hips and hair and fingertips
Feel along the boundlessness of these true goddesses

She is not their shadow because even that is coveted
Not she is but what is under the cement
Under the ground their oh my so high heals tap upon
Underneath their miniskirts and too tight shirts
All that makeup they don't even need
That is where she is
Looking up hating wanting begging dying
Just to be one of them though they disgust her so
Her and her hypocritical tendencies to think too much

Tattoos wrap around her arms and ankles
She tastes metal on her lips
Sees the rings around everything but her fingers
Dressed in black with blue bra straps
Discovering it's better to be noticed
For every wrong reason
Than be everyone else's imagination
Close to nothingness itself

I wish someone would tell her
That the goddesses she worshiped
And now spits on with disgust
Were just the same as her
They just picked kissmeagain lipstick
Instead of her tearsmudged eyeliner