A/N: I'm so horrible! I have 3 other stories that I'm writing and I haven't finished and I'm starting on yet another work. But this is for all of those who don't like shounen-ai. I've decided to write a manga that has straight couples only. I usually write a shounen-ai couple in my stories, but this is a challenge to break away from my norm. I hope I get some reviews to this, or I'll most likely not write it.

I had asked my reviewers of Sacrifice if they would read something like this, and thus far I've gotten no reviews saying anyone would. Nonetheless, I'll post it anyway and give it whirl to see how well it goes. This is also my first attempt at anything involving androids, cyborgs and other robotic humanoids.

You can either love this or hate it.

Info Junk.

Title: Synthetic Love

Author: Melissa Norvell

Rating: PG-13

Couples: Hetero

Genre: Romance (shoujo), Angst, Action/Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Humor, Psychological

Warnings: Violence, Cursing, Adult Situations (Gee this is sounding like most of my other works), Innuendoes

For those who need extensive warnings:

Violence: Yes, there is violence here, but it doesn't go outside of anything anime-related. There aren't many gory scenes and I can't think of any characters aside from one who makes those kind of scenes. There will be very few at first but they grow later on during the series.

Angst: Afraid of the dark? Then leave because like many of my works, this will have its dark moments.

Cursing: Can't handle the bad words? Go away. While my works aren't filled with obscenities, there are characters within who use some colorful language. I assure you it's nothing you don't normally hear in high school.

Adult Situations: Hell, you may not even want to read the first chapter. This story is fully of them, being heavily (but not pukingly so) romantic. It ranges from sugary sweet to the dark and mysterious. This probably could be classified as a shoujo manga, but I'm not making that official because my works tend to change.

Innuendoes: There is a lot of perversity that goes on within this work. There may also be a few sex scenes, which will be tastefully done (nothing graphically hentai, seeing as I rarely write R rated stuff). I just want everyone to be warned here.

Summary: Eros isn't your average humanoid computer. He has no memory at all, which disables him from being of any use at all. No wonder he was found lying on the side of the road. But when an average schoolgirl takes him home, her normal life is turned upside down, and this robot harbors many dark secrets.

SIDE NOTE: Characters from Sacrifice will make appearances here, if you read that story. There will be a villain that is predominant in both series. However, this will not spoil anything for those who read Sacrifice. Both works overlap each other but there are different viewpoints on each one.

Now, on to the Prologue.


Synthetic Emotions

By: Melissa Norvell

Xxxxxxx Prologue Xxxxxxx

Phase 00: Analysis

There are robots all around us and although their appearances vary vastly, all share the features that are mechanical, movable and under some type of control. These robots perform everyday tasks. They even perform tasks that are socially undesirable, hazardous or even impossible such as toxic waste clean up, desert and space exploration and more. These machines are used as a way to understand human intelligence in its primary function - - interacting with the real world. These mechanical forms are said to possess capabilities that are better and faster then those of humankind.

As far as we know, most of them don't even look like us, but recently, a breakthrough has been made and more and more humanesque robots have been emerging. Some of them can be seen interacting with humans. They look, feel and even react as we do. They have been the product of human experimentation for years and now, advanced robotics can be taken as a class in our schools in order to find means of building more realistic humanoid robots. Such schools as Hishada High where one robotic humanoid has been produced, and while its still in its beginning stages, is remarkably like a human. It's even been rumored to harbor semblance of human emotion.

A new line of humanoid robots were made to the public a few months back, and while only the very rich could afford them, they were the closest thing to the perfect machine. These machines were a type of Cybernetic Companion, built to make lives easy. The Syntacoms are beautiful, obedient and human-like- they have been called perfection by most of the robotics industry, and many wished to possess such an advanced form of technology.

But the Syntacoms are so advanced, complicated and expensive beings that very few ordinary people ever get to own one or even come into contact with one…

That is, unless a fated twist in chance befalls them.

But what do you do when fate begins to twist your life in ways unimaginable? What if the being your harboring starts to unveil its dark secrets and twists into something far more dangerous and important then you could ever realize?

To Be Continued…

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