Loveless One

Loveless are without love, you strive to keep your broken, decimated heart from aching,

you close out the world, hide in darkness, never let another in, to prevent your heart from further breaking,

Friendless one...they're all gone now aren't they? you chased them off, you banished them away,

you hid from them, scared them, abandoned them, come what may,

Heartless one...a blood thirsty demon, sucking the life, the soul out of the innocent, though they cry and beg you for mercy,

you have other agenda's don't you? you fear weakness, and you crave redemption from the cruel and heartless world, from the monsters, the haters, the vengeful blood thirsty,

Lifeless one...that's all you are now, nothing but a stiff, your corpse rotting away, in a coffin, six feet under, forgotten, abandoned, lost forever in hell's burning fire,

but it never mattered now did it? All that you hurt, all that you broke, in the heat of passion and desire.

Vengeful one...your ghost surrounds all who hurt you, tormenting the lives of all who subsist in their happiness, and joy,

you never cared for anyone did you? All you ever were, all you ever will be is a miserable wretch of a little boy,

Loveless one...