A Dark And Stormy

Night- By Tarin B.

"To you, I need help for these injuries I put unto myself. The blade you see is covered in blood. That blade is my friend, old and true. What you don't see is that these injuries are my help, and you can never be my blade." –Kira, from the website "Self-Injury-A Struggle"

Night of the Storm-Gabrielle's P.O.V.

The tears poured down her face, a mockery of the fierce and full-force storm outside. She clutched her stomach, trying to undue the knots that had been tied in there. The room began to spin around her and the floor pitched under her feet. She collapsed by the toilet and held on like it was her life line. The cool porcelain felt nice against her hot, red face.

She sat there for a moment. Suddenly, a horrible wrenching pain gripped her stomach. She leaned over and promptly threw up.

She wiped sweat and tears from her face, and hid herself in the space between toilet and wall. She hugged her arms to her chest and tried to forget everything that had happened.

Boom, boom, boom! An urgent pounding on the bathroom door accompanied John's voice.

"Gabrielle? Gabrielle! Gabrielle, please come out," he begged.

She turned towards the wall, and away from the door. She did her best to block out his voice, his false concern.

"Gabrielle, if you don't come out, I'm going to have to break down this door!" he threatened.

"Give it up, John," another voice said.

Gabrielle stiffened. What was he doing here? Wait, was he really here? It wouldn't be the first time she imagined his voice. ..


The screams kept coming. Gabrielle focused instead on the honey-yellow tile in front of her. Honey-yellow. Just like the sun had been the morning she had first seen him. When she had first laid eyes on Tobias Rowley.