I had another dream last night.

rose petals covered the glass floor
and a chandelier was crystal and sparkling.
there was a staircase of marble, too
and it sparkled just as bright.

all the dust had been erased from everything
cobwebs had been removed
trays of lush food were laid out on tables

…the chocolate there could have melted in my mouth
and I imagined the salad crunch…

tons of people were surrounding me, too.
babies—quiet and smiling
adults with them, too.

everyone was dressed in wonderful, fancy dresses
with make-up perfect, pristine, beautiful
everyone looking just right

in my head I could hear the orchestra
as I walked along the marble floor.
but within minutes I realized that
no music had been playing at all.

...nor had any people been moving.

the people were just a painting
the babies porcelain dolls

the food was not melting or cooling
it was just toxic plastic.
the rose petals: just a fabric

sure, the chandelier might have been crystal
the staircase may have been marble
but nothing else in that place was real
everything was just made to last

when I opened my eyes I realized
this is the picture of our world.

everyone puts on an act, a show
and only pieces of true beauty are found
sticking out from the person that is below.