He traced infinity on her wrist. "How long will it last?"

The grass was damp beneath her back; dew-drops clinging stubbornly to the blades, as if night was still cast and it was not now bright morning. "Forever," was her soft answer.

"Forever?" he repeated.

She turned on her side, propping herself up on an elbow. Sunlight caught in honey hair, shimmering like it was woven with gold. Her dark eyes sparkled and there was a smile in her voice as she said, "You're the one who made this. Why question it?"

He sighed, fingers pausing in their rythmic movements. "Sometimes it seems ... unbelievable."

She laughed, and he was struck frozen with the sound. Head back, eyes half-closed, wrinkles crinkling her nose -- she seemed Melody given form. "Silly," she whispered, leaning forward so they shared the same air. She touched her freckled nose to his. "Everything is unbelievable at first. But then, when you have it and hold it and never let it go, the belief will come." Her lips tilted in a smile and her eyes smiled, too. "Just you wait," she whispered.

"H-how long?"

She leaned back on the grass, linking their hands. Blue sky was floating in her eyes; like she had the entire world within her -- like she was the world. "Forever..." she said.

He traced infinity on her wrist, looking up at the passing clouds but only seeing her. "Forever," he repeated.

a/n: short, fluffy piece on nothing in particular. mostly me trying to capture how some people percieve the ones they love -- as the world. (plus, i've always had a thing for the term 'infinity' and the symbol, which he was drawing on the underside of her wrist.) so, i wrote this, even if i, personally, don't believe in love ; )