A/N: hey pplz i no this is kynda bad compird 2 mi resint peomz but mi profreeder chloe (shez in collage u no) had 2 go luk 4 howses in finnland... her moms from their n its were she wantz 2 studdy.. but i tryed aniwai! Hop its beter!


mi lyf iz lyke t3h hamburger on sarahs plate

whoevar sarah iz i dunno but im alone

heated wit passhens and vyce, forlorn

and consumed on t3h playt of lyf

burn3d by teh gryllin flaymez of agony

garnihesd wit t3h picklez of despayr

squash3d betwen teh cruhsing bunz of cruil fayt

torn from teh playt of hapinez

seezed by teh hannd of avaryce

consumd by teh gredy mouth of death

in2 this blak oblivyon