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Chapter 1: It is He, The Gothic Adonis.

"Damien." He said, "Damien Blackmore."

Oh dear...

- - -


"Yes, Adriana?"

"You know those music videos where the people just randomly fly away into the air?"

"What're you getting at, Aid?"

"Well...I would like to be one of those people!"

"And what time did you go to sleep last night?" He asked me with a brow raised. I huffed and crossed my arms, that was not the matter. I looked at my cell phone to find that it said, '9:00 a.m.'

"Oh...just about two hours ago." I yawned and leaned against the back of the seat. It wasn't anything new to me, I was a teensy bit of an insomniac upon occasion and I enjoyed the night more. It was my personality. The limo was stuffy and I sighed dramatically, stretching out and placing my boots beside Adrian. He glowered and smacked my feet off. "How dare you strike me, you marijuana smoking fool!" I exclaimed in false astonishment.

"I'm really starting to think that you're the one on marijuana, Aid. I'm also thinking that you need to get to bed sooner and that you need to stop accusing people of smoking marijuana. Do you remember the last time you accused that gay security guard at the mall of smoking marijuana? That very SCARY one that stalked us across the mall and his reasoning was because you accused him of smoking marijuana, that's just not right, and completely unfair."

My mother gasped. "I do not recall such an incident." I replied stiffly as I crossed my arms and glanced out the window. That was supposed to be a secret, something that was never going to happen. Something between Reese, him, and myself. How dare he betray the pact of silence we made as we watched the Covenant. Evil little boy, I shall have my vengeance upon him sometime. I'm sure you think we're all psychotic loonies that escaped from the mental asylum, of course we aren't though.

"Of course you don't, I love you anyway, my little marijuana smoking sister." Adrian patted my knee reassuringly as I looked out at the passing woodland, a lime green speakerphone dangling loosely at my neck and the other stuck into my pierced ear. One of my favorite rock songs filled the car and my mother glared at me, as usual.

You see, this is how most of our car rides and family gatherings went. I was a little different than what my mother asked for. I usually got in trouble along with brother dearest, so we were yelled at a lot, and we yelled a lot ourselves. "You both will behave at this school, do you hear me? The infamous Damien Blackmore will be there." Uh-huh. Right. I placed the other earphone in promptly and turned my attention back to the window.

Damien Blackmore. The name meant nothing to me when I first heard it. I stepped out of the limousine that my favorite butler, Henry, drove. I looked up at the large imposing building. It was built of deep crimson bricks and there were vines stretching for miles wide. I felt a large hand on the small of my back push me forward and I glared at Adrian.

"You wouldn't move, Adriana." He explained. Our parents stepped out of the car and looked at the place.

"Not too shabby." My father loosely commented. I shook my head at him irritably. My mother followed and smacked me on the arm. She was a short blond woman with a snobbish outlook on things. I didn't even want to hear what she had to say on the building. I, myself, was fascinated with it.

Armed with my laptop and sketchbook, I began to head toward the big oak doors. Gingerly, I placed my hand on the door and pushed it open. "Wait just one moment, Adriana!" My mother squeaked. I ignored her useless squabbling and continued on inside. Everything was beautiful!

A large set of staircases led to the upstairs, a large crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, everything was made of a dark mahogany wood, it was like a dream. "Ah! You must be Adriana Bennett!" I heard a large booming voice call out. I shrieked and jumped back, falling against my brother. He grunted and caught me.

I looked up at him sheepishly. He set me back up on my feet. "I'm Dean Marshall. I'm so happy to finally meet the infamous twins." Ah yes, my dearest brother and I were twins. "I'm eternally grateful that you've come all the way from England to see our school. I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy your stay." He seemed nice enough. Or was he really? You couldn't trust these blasted Americans---Great, now Reese has gotten silly ideas in my head.

"If you kindly would step into my office, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and we can go through the paperwork."

"Adrian, love." I said abruptly. "You came along on the tour before. I was lazy, come show me, old chap. Would you?" I gave him no choice in the matter as I locked arms with him. The dean handed us some papers and urged us to go ahead and feel free. He led me up the stairs agitatedly. "Will we meet anyone that we will come to know?" I asked.

"I don't know, we'll probably see some people if we pass by the Common's Room. That's basically where everyone just hangs out." We stopped at the beginning of the stairs, he pointed to the left, "Boys Dorm." He said, and then pointed to the right, "Girls Dorm." He pointed to the large set of oak doors that were in front of us. "Common's Room. Let's go in."

Wait. What?! "But Adrian!" I squeaked pitifully as he dragged us in. "I don't know anyone."

"I do." He said, "I met a few people my first time here."

"That's all jolly and good for you, but what I am going to do?!" I asked, outraged. My brother is cruel bugger. Before I knew it, he had opened the door.

I looked at the mounds of people and I could immediately tell that there was a social ladder here. I hid behind my brother as he walked in, "Adrian!" I squeaked piteously. "Don't do this to me!" I felt really weird in my gothic outfit. I donned a red tank top with a black vest, a black plaid skirt, and gothic boots that buckled down. I had tied my hair in a braid, not knowing what else to do with it.

"You know," I began to Adrian as I hid. Everyone was looking at us now. "Maybe Henry needs some help. I think I'll go back down--." I tried to make an escape for the door. Adrian sighed and turned around wrapping his arm around my tiny waist and picking me up. "You fiend! I demand that you release me this instant!" I could easily tell that they were enthralled by our accents. Adrian finally decided that it was safe to drop me on the couch, "You may be my twin, but I don't like you." I stated.

Adrian was my twin; we shared the same black hair and icy blue eyes. I was really, really, significantly tiny compared to my older brother though. I looked around and gulped. I turned to yell at Adrian again, but I found that he was gone. "That jerk!" I grumbled.

A small petite girl with blond hair and green eyes waved happily at me. She seated herself beside me. "Hi! You must be Adriana. I'm Olivia Walter, but most people call me Livia or Liv. Whichever you prefer, but anyway, I'm going to be sharing a dorm with you!" I looked at her. She spoke funny.

"You speak funny." I bluntly told her. I had never been to America before this. She looked a little stunned for a minute and then started giggling.

"Actually, you're the one who speaks funny here." A guy chuckled from somewhere. I raised my eyebrow. Jerk.

"Why thank you," I sourly stated to him, "I would just love for you to know how much that raises my self esteem. Be glad, you've suddenly given me the urge to skip through a field of flowers happily." Adrian sent me a glare. Was I embarrassing him? Silly me!

They all seemed amused in this little group. It was full of people I could tell where just outcasts. A leggy redhead decided to speak up. "I'm Sydney." She said, "I'll explain to you how this works. We're divided on the 'Social Ladder' so to say. This group you're speaking with now are basically just general outcasts, we're not that important. Alas, there are more high groups on our hierarchy," She stated, "Those," she pointed to a group of people all decked out in black and very serious. They could be good contenders for poker. "Are the Goths and Loners. It looks like their main isn't here yet, and I don't see Alexander either."

"Their 'main'?"

"Why, Damien Blackmore of course." A new voice, I looked over to my other side and almost jumped for the high heavens. A tall brunette sat beside me with her legs crossed, she smiled innocently. "I'm Alexia Evans."

"Hello…Alexia Evans." I managed to say finally, "Please refrain from bloody scaring me like that!" I squeaked afterwards. She chuckled.

"I'm sorry," She said, "but Damien Blackmore is the main of the Goths and Loners. He's so majestically sexy, but very untouchable with her around." I looked to where Alexia was and I saw a strawberry blonde girl sitting in the midst of the Goth group. By Jove, no one could compete with that girl. She could have any man she wanted. She was probably able to become Ms. America. I felt very defeated in the presence of her.

"That's Lucrecia Morgan, do not cross her." Livia warned. Next to her was a sandy blond haired boy, "Dante Edwards." Another brunette was on his right, "Ceilia Blackmore." By Lucrecia sat a mysterious copper haired boy, "and THAT is Alastar Basilisk." He turned his head and looked, but we immediately busied ourselves with something else.

"Our lovely little group consists of Sydney Morgan, Alexia Evans, Korey James, Zak Daniels, and myself, Olivia Walter." I assumed that Korey was the one wearing a hoodie hunched over and Zak was the boy with his nose stuck in a book.

"Last but not least," Alexia said, grinning. "The jocks of this institution."

"Oh yes," Sydney said. She made a move to say something but was rudely interrupted when the door was slung open. I didn't look as everyone else did. I was busy in my sketchbook that I had just gotten out. I was doing some finishing touches to a picture that I had drawn of a small meadow. I held the picture out in front of myself to examine it.

"That's a good drawing." I heard someone say behind me. Of course, I wasn't paying attention and I shrieked, flipping off the couch. I didn't manage to flash anyone in my skirt, thank goodness. I looked up at the intruder and saw the most beautiful piece of living art that I had ever been blessed with the chance to lay my eyes upon. Just who was this Gothic Adonis?

He had black hair in a shaggy, choppy cut and piercing onyx eyes. Porcelain skin sculpted the most beautiful face that I had ever seen. Judging by his black band t-shirt, the hoodie that hung loosely on his shoulders, his dark baggy Goth jeans, and converse; this was the man of my dreams. I had just embarrassed myself horribly, right in front of him. What was he going to think now? This was just my luck, first impressions are the best.

I immediately realized that I acted like a fool and I stood up quickly, dusting myself off. "My apologies," I said, "Where are my manners? I'm Adriana Bennett." I stuck my hand out. He gazed at my hand a minute and then grasped it with his own cold hand.

"Damien." He said. "Damien Blackmore."

Oh dear…

I gulped, this was obviously going to be some trouble. I noticed this because of the way some of the occupants in this room were trying to melt me with their eyes. He looked amused as I held onto his hand for a moment, I became conscious of what I was doing and took back my hand instantly. "What's the matter?" He asked with a slight mocking tone. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Nothing." I growled agitated.

That mean beautiful jerk. What were you supposed to do with them? He was apparently very conscious of his wonderful Adonis looks as he smirked when I blushed and held onto my palm, trying to rid of the cold that his hand possessed. We stood there and it was amazingly silent, he didn't say anything, he only stared at me with those secretive calculating eyes. I was aware that our spectactors were eying us with a curious interest. Bravo, the new girl has definitely made a spectacle.

It was He, The Gothic Adonis and I must say that I didn't like how self-conscious he was making me feel as he watched me with those blasted eyes. As you looked at him, you knew that this boy had some kind of power over people. What kind of power? I can't say, but I didn't like it.

Stupid Gothic Adonis.

- - -

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