Living In Memories


Living in worthwhile
If dreams were really being made
Yet living can turn to
A Hellish cycle
A tiring roller-coaster ride
Through the clouded mist of thoughts

A dream is
A once upon a time
And I agree
It once was
But you'll snap out eventually
And in the days of cold hate
You'll try to recollect
That most precious thought
Of fantasy

And you hope
That one day
Reality will present you
A living dream
In which you don't need
To snap out of

You ...waiting,
Passing though days,
Racing though life
To get that one moment
And not enjoying
Your now lost seconds, years

Just waiting
To see your angel come back
To see the world you've made
And to help you escape

You tell everyone
What they want to hear-
You've given up,
You've released the world from your tears

All are proud-
But you're still drowned
And keep holding on
To hear your results
Though you now know
It's "The End."

But you keep on waiting
As many times as lives are being lived
You'll be waiting,
And even after you life,
Your immortal fairy heart
Will still be living through the