A/N: Just a question, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to set up a 2-voice poem, in which both lines or horizontal but divided into sides (parts). I've been trying but once it's saved, it turns both lines into one line on one side. Is the only way to put a two voice poem here is by justify center and left to every other lines for there to be 2 parts? If I just knew how, then I could submit some more of my two-voice writings on here with classic style. Alrighty, go on!

Poem # 4-916

Forever will the sun shine bright
However empty the air, the moon will light
Past spirits haunt my mind
I see you now
As an actual Fallen Angel
Yet to me, you've never really fallen until now

What angel can hold up
When his own blood will not support
How must he fly
When one by one:
His wings of friendship have torn apart
What will keep his love lasting
For your soul feels so betrayed

Fallen angel,
I regret and forever had
That I could not support you on my own
The times we needed each other the most
But I let you fall

Most of all, my tears pour
Because I had turned you
Into a Heaven's Reject…