Is it My Fault I Listen?


Ever since I was little,
You've trained me to always
Listen, that friends would always
Leave me later, and to always
Study-to care more about school
Than anything else.

And I stood like that all along
And now you yell and seethe-
Why am I not that friendly, why
Can't I be so close anymore, why
Do I just study?

…Don't you remember,
you raised me like this?

This is what you always told me
…and now it's my fault…
…that I listened?

And now there's another person
Who's entered my life…
Now there's someone else doing the same.
We used to be great friends,
But now I still don't
Know what separated us and neither
Do we speak.

I've asked you to talk but you yell
At me with your glass marbles…
To never speak again…

So now all I do is write and think
While you never smile,
And you speak and cry silently…

I know how incomplete you are,

I've heard you breaking, but all

You do is lock me with those beady pools

And won't let me live to move on.

Of how everyone can be so cruel,
Wishing dear souls to be nice to each other,

And this, too, my friend, I laugh at,
Because I have been nice:
I've granted a friend's request,
No matter how painful,
Because I can't see you hurt again.

So this is my fault again,
I suppose…

…What a fault it is to listen…