The minutes seem to be hours, as it always was when you had to wait for something you wanted so desperately. The sky changed from blue to pink to red to black and finally I saw her leave the building. She was a small woman, a head below average height, fake tan skin, light pink dress and a bob cut of bleach blonde hair. I found it hard to believe that –she- who looked like such the perfect working girl had caused Mike so much grief.

I moved quietly from the cold brick door way I had used to seek shelter from the cold breeze and followed her at a leisurely pace. This wouldn't take very long, and then soon I will have re paid my debt, finally free to move on and forget. If that could ever happen. Her heels clicked a steady tune and her short hair bounced with each step, I wondered what she had done, she didn't strike me as someone who would be bad for business. She was attractive in an obvious way, in a way that could make thousands in a night without having to break a sweat.

I felt no guilt as I picked up my pace, my shoes making no sound on the pavement. The cold air whipped my hair off my shoulders and let it cascade behind me; I pulled the knife from my pocket just before I reached her and grabbed her by the neck with one quick swoop.
She didn't scream, maybe she knew this was coming.

It was over quickly only her shoes could be seen from the road and my ride pulled up in a matter of seconds. There was my rubbish bag on the seat next to me.

This was it, I am free.

I pulled the gloves off my hands and put them in the bag, id do the rest when I got home. Home was still at least another half an hour drive from here and I was stiff and cold, I had repaid my debt it would be safe to sleep. I almost had to convince myself of that but my body needed no convincing it was asleep in moments.

The mid morning sun found its way past my blinds, the comforting black from my closed eyes turned into a rather rude awakening red. I had dreamt of mike. The most powerful man that no one knew. Ironic really. He owns or has influence in everything, he rules your life and you don't even know it.

He once had my mother wrapped around his finger. His fat pale hairy hobbit finger. She didn't know what she was getting in to; her friends had all done the job at some point. Lots of money for something so natural, something that should feel so good. He got his claws into her; got her addicted to drugs only he could supply her, made her need him, and made her so hopeless.

There was no helping her and I had the scars to show it, in a just a few years she was a completely different person. She was past the point of no return and I just could not bear to see her this way, I couldn't bear to see her so twisted.

I know what I had done was wrong, I really should of thought about it more, but if she had been in her right mind she would of agreed and she would of forgiven me. She was the closest thing I had seen to an angel and he cut off her wings, so in my eyes I was doing god a favor by returning her. So yes I killed her, but it was completely justified. And it was the right thing to do.

I felt the welt of sorrow in my chest inflame and choke me into a sob.

I had done the right thing.

But then I was on the run from the law, and the only person who could help me was the only person I refused to get help from. The man who had power over everyone. I didn't need to ask as he found me, and found me rather amusing. It made my blood boil. He looked at me like a kitten, instead of a threat. And I'd be the biggest threat he'd ever know.

But what could I do, he, the one I despised more than hell was the only one who could be my refuge, and I couldn't exactly do anything while in jail for man slaughter. Like I said I didn't really think this through. It took only a few weeks and I was in the clear. And I knew I was in the shit. I was in his debt.