It all started with Time ended, when Eternity was created.

But he doesn't remember that anymore.

It's only walking.

That's all he ever does nowadays.

Hollow. He walks alone with an umbrella.


It's not raining.

His wings shimmer in and out of view.

He's forgotten about them.

But someday, perhaps...perhaps...

The grass paves a path. Unlimited. Charred.

Blades curl with jaunt, taunting and ironic.

The blue lamplight creaks with familiarity.

Everything creaks with familiarity.

Rain Clouds gather.

And they will again.

And Again.


The End of the path is near.

He will stop.

He will look at the charred grass.

He will sit.

He will stare at the Rain Clouds.

And then he will turn around and creak away.

Everything feels so old.

He feels so old.

But someday, perhaps...perhaps...

Perhaps he will dance.

He does stop.

He does look at the charred grass.

He does sit.

He does look at the Rain Clouds.

He does not cry.

But someday, perhaps...perhaps...

He does stand up.

He does turn around.

He does not creak away.

An unfamiliar wind whooshes by him.

And he falls off the precipice.

Perhaps it was the Symbol that had appeared.

Perhaps it was the scarf he didn't see.

Perhaps it was the blue lamplight.

What an unfamiliar wind...

What a scary wind...

But someday, perhaps...perhaps...

And the lamplight suddenly turns white...

AN: I'm going to be revising this a bit so...yeah, some of the other chapters may not be as good because of that.