"What is this?"

He has whitened in. And how…he has awoken.

A familiar feeling that's not so familiar.

The shadow girl is beside him, looking at something.

He follows her gaze.

"It kind of looks like the moon…and sun…but mixed together, you know?"

He says nothing.

He has been here before.

Long long ago.

"Eek! What is this?"

Water pours over him.

He has felt this.

Long long ago.

(His umbrella wavers. It does nothing to stop the onslaught.)

"Where are we?"

He lets go.

Her gaze is upon him.

(…and it flies so prettily along the breeze…)

He knows.

"That sky…is the Twilight."

But he doesn't.

"This water…is Rain."

Not anymore.

"And this place…"

But he will.

He gets up, and for a moment, he can feel the Universe all around him.




He turns his eyes to her, reading the scared look on her face like his wings.

(They don't disappear anymore)

He holds his hand out to her.

"Welcome to the Unknown."

She takes it, her emotions fleeting but present.

"Shall we dance?"

(The White Lamplight disappears.)

(But the butterfly is back.)

the story never ends

AN: ...Yes, this is the end. Weird, I know. Please give me any points that I should edit on.