-1Moving Up

I'm giving up nothing for something

I'm giving up reason for leaving

I'm giving up everything that's not enough

And I'm giving up living up to my own expectations

'Cause I can't give up my personal freedoms

And I know my hopes lie on the horizon

And it's not enough

To make my escape but

Live in the same rut

I'm not just moving out

I'm moving up

I'm giving up inept for concept

I'm giving up ex-friends for lessons

I'm giving up a life that causes self-disgust

I'm giving up on living up to everyone's expectations

I'm going somewhere far away

And I won't be coming back the same

So say your goodbyes to me

Not that I'm listening

'Cause I'm giving up all this for one risk

I'm raising up one fist to resist

I'm giving up everything I never wanted

And I'm thinking of rethinking my expectations

And I'm not just moving out

I'm moving up