I look out of the window and wonder if we could all make the world a better place. Im not just talking about fighting and violence, Im talking about it all. And really who wants a perfect world because then there'd be no room to grow and if you dont grow you cant live, and if you cant live, well you die which is the result of violence anyways. Violence isn't necessarily a bad thing, through violence we have discovered guns, swords, and all that. What if aliens were to invade us and we were peaceful? We would die because we would have no self defense so violence is a virtue to that degree. We could all go without racisim though. Although maybe a little racisim is good because with out it we would live in ignorance never being forced to see other cultures and therefore lacking any real experience. In no way shape or form am I saying rasicim and violence are good but they do help us to learn important things in life. I look back into the plane and see the man with his head wrapped in a turban and strike up a conversation with him. Maybe we could make the world a little bit better.