Is this real or am I just dreaming? Wake me before I fall into eternal slumber, whacking my way through a forest of evergreen trees, pine needles raining down on me like little balls of hail. The birds chirp such a pleasent melody, ironcially the wolves howl at the sun, when the moon wasn't out. Oh how beautiful the full moon is. It feels so real but really it can't be, it's like being wrapped up in a protective sheet, not allowing anything harmful to get through but maybe thats dangerous itself. Suddenly the king calls on me I strap on my breastplate and sword. Vanquish the foes come back to see maybe my enemies werent the cause of my misery. And I bonded with the lonewolf, the alpha dog of a one man pack. I sat in the back of the cave and wondered why I had gone back to civilization in the first place. I am more at peace with the animals of the wild which is tame because the wilderness is more tame then the wreck we call civilized. In the wild no one fights over money or politics only sensible reasons like food and survival and even then fighting is minimal, theres a system for the good of the wild, and if mankind not touch it, it will rise to be a formidibale opponent to all who dare challenge the depths of the tame wild. I have braved the adventure and I Ayron along with Shadowsilver roam the forest without fear. I've changed my mind don't wake me up.