Wedding Day Catastrophe

"What happens if we can't find the bride?"

"What do you mean 'we can't find the bride'?"

"I mean we can't find the bride! How hard is that?"

"Do you think she ran off?"

"I don't know, jeez, she was supposed to be here an hour ago."


"Hair, makeup, trying to suffocate her in her dress, there's a whole routine."

"Are you plotting to kill my little sister on her wedding day?"

"Yes, are you willing to help?"

"Didn't I come in here for a reason?"

"Oh, yeah, we lost the bride."

"Damn…that's right, well, have you guys called the house?"

"Oh, no, we didn't do anything to find her; we just figured she was dead."

"Oh, shut up. I'll go call around then, have you checked her cell phone?"

"Again, we didn't do anything to find her, we just figured-"

"I'll go find her."

"Right then, Captain."

Jason stalked off in a direction that was nowhere near the sharp-tongued maid of honor, eyes open for his little sister. After close to another half an hour of mindless searching, he decided to have the groom help out. Little did he expect to find was his little sister, the bride, cuddled up next to the groom.

"Everyone's been looking for you, moron." Jason hissed from the doorway, causing the unnaturally light-sleeper of a groom to open his eyes.

"The hell, dude," he mumbled, shifting over to press his head into his fiancé's shoulder.

"Everyone's been thinking that my little sister became a runaway bride. Of course, nobody thought to check in the groom's bed." Leaning against the door Jason rolled his eyes at his best friend. "Wasn't this supposed to be a 'white wedding?'.

Dylan chuckled, "The possibility of a 'white wedding' as you like to put it, ended rather nicely during our senior year."

"Ew, gross, we're talking about my little sister, you dick."

The bride mumbled something in her sleep before slowly opening her eyes and whispering a "Who're you talking to?"

"Oh, you might know him, Jason, your brother." Dylan said nonchalantly causing Cami to open her eyes wide and look towards the door.

"Oh, gross, Jason, what're you doing here?" Cami nervously tucked the comforter around herself protectively and sat up a little.

"I'd ask you the same thing but obviously 'what're you doing here?' is lying next to you."

"Jay, please don't be all overprotective bitchy big brother right now. It's my wedding day."

"Right, and where were you supposed to be two hours ago?" swearing, Cami looked for her cell phone, which was on silent mode, and noticed her missed calls, and then the time.

"Aw, shit, alright, Jason, leave please, where's Leila?" she asked referring to her maid of honor.

"Probably drinking twice her body weight in vodka,"

"Jason, please."

"In your room ranting about suffocating you,"

"Alright, thank you and leave so I can get dressed." Sighing, Jason left, mumbling about his 'little sister, the whore'.

Five minutes later, Cami was looking like she did when she first got into Dylan's room.

"Dylan, where's my underwear? Didn't I come in here with underwear?" watching his frenzied bride search the room in nothing but a towel Dylan decided to make things more difficult.

"No, you came in here looking for underwear, babe."

"That's right, you stole 'em all. Give them back, today is not the day to toy with me."

"Oh, no, I guess the bride has to go commando, wouldn't our parents be proud?" he teased, tugging at the bottom of her towel from his spot on the large bed.

"Oh, god, Dylan, not now, please, just give them back."

"I don't know why you're running around in a towel, I've already seen you naked, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again." He laughed at Cami's slightly shocked face.

"Shit, Dylan, come on, Leila's seriously going to shoot me, and then what would you do for a bride?"

"Hook up with the stripper from the bachelor party." Came his quick response.

"Now's not the time to be you. Why don't you pretend to be someone else who's helpful?"

"C'mon babe-" stopped in the middle of his plead, he watched his bride pick up a shoe and hurl it at him.

"Tell me where my goddamn underwear is before I beat you to death."

"You know, you're a little on edge for a bride-"


"Behind the television, killjoy," retrieving her panties from behind the TV she slipped them on and threw on a large tee shirt and tiny shorts.

"See you at the alter," she smiled at him and opened the door before rushing down to her room.


So far, that's all I have. I know it's a little weird but it was a hell of a lot of fun to write. Lately all I've been hearing about is weddings which got me thinking about what would happen if I didn't elope…

You know, messaging would be nice…(hint, hint)