Rue the Day of the Poetaster

There's one in every place,

With a frown upon their face.

I weep in vain for their disgrace!

Oh, the day of the poetaster.

I do try to choke it down.

Any more, I fear I'll drown!

I'll turn away without a sound.

Put down your pen, oh poetaster!

You sob, you cry,

And I ask 'why?'

But all I hear are words.

Words without rhyme.

Words without time.

Words of a poetaster.

Oh dear poetaster!

Your poems are sheer disaster!

You think you are a poet master.

But I fear I must deny.

Take up fishing, dear, I beg!

Or I will surely break your leg!

And leave you tied up to a peg.

And I promise- I don't lie.

No more poems from you, friend, please.

Now I'm begging on my knees.

Else I'll choke myself with cheese.

Oh, the day of the poetaster.