My Nan died just before christmas and it's been hard with out her, she was one of the only people I loved and trusted ...

I know you're watching over me and I hope you can be proud of the person I am trying to become ... RIP Nana Leonard

I hope that anyone who's lost someone close to them can relate to this Poem ...

Nanny, I Love You RIP

From the day I was born,

'til the day I die,

You will always be in my heart,

If you're wondering why;

It's because I love you so much,

Inside me there's something you touched.

You made us all realise,

It's not what's on the outside -

We need to love with our hearts

Not just with our heads.

I took you for granted,

Never calling you to talk,

I didn't realise it would be to late,

Before you'd be gone.

Now when I think of it,

You're not going to be here,

But you know that always,

I'll hold in my heart dear.

But before I go,

There's something I have to do,

I need to cross myself,

And say …

'Nanny, I Love You'