It may look perfect

From the outside looking in

It may look worth it

When you don't know how it's been

Just walk a single mile

In these worn, old shoes

And I'll tell you now

I know which life you would choose

Don't waste a single moment

In time

Wishing you could trade your life

With mine

What you see don't really matter

It's what you feel inside

What you hear don't really matter

It's how many times you've cried

Deceptive are the things you see

Don't believe your eyes

There are a million ways, you know

To cover up the lies

Don't waste the time you have

Here on Earth

Dreaming that the two of us were switched

At birth

A/N: This is a new poem I wrote a while ago, but never got around to typing up, let alone posting it. I hope you like it. I wrote it after a cousin of mine expressed the feeling of where she would love to be me instead of herself.

It annoyed me.

Luy ya,

Tashi :)