To Break My Heart

If you wish to break my heart, you need not tell me you do not love me. Do not tell me we are over, through, apart, or anywhere else but together, not even that we never were, if that is your intention. It will certainly not be effective, my love, reaping the reciprocal upon me. Your words of regret and farewell will return the better half of my heart that you have stolen from me to its rightful place inside my bosom, uniting at last the two beating sisters into one complete heart that is mine and mine alone. You will hardly break my heart, my dear. It will sew it back together. Do not tell me I am ugly, I am worthless, I am lazy, I am selfish, I am demanding, I am argumentative. For, my heart knows which of these are true, and my heart does not take offense at hearing what it is nor what it is not. And she knows the difference between the two. Your words may graze my skin, my darling, in love or in war, but they shall never harm my heart. Now I wish to inform you how you may make a clean and precise job of rending my heart into pieces, leaving no blood on your fleeing hands, my lord, no damned spot to remember me by. Simply watch me, cold and apathetic-eyed, my love, just watch me try and try, love and pine and sigh. Observe my heart, my passion bared before you, dear, and have not even a smile for me and my shadowed dauntless trial. Turn your back to my love; do not realize I can trace its every freckle constellation from memory. Walk away forever, never, never to know you carry my heart, in a fair and heartrending exchange, half for you and half for me. All the beautiful fragmented pieces that are ever yours.