Six Word Stories

She thought dreams go on and—

"Why even try? You never listen."

"I do." "I do…" "No more."

Ignorance is bliss. What is happiness?

"I love you." "You're acting." … "Line!"

High school. Hearts break. Bye school.

Education: Learn too much, forget little.

Truth: "Want some salt with that?"

"Do you want to talk?" "No."

Audition. "Here, have my soul." Next!

Dear ACT, life's not multiple choice.

Misery. Euphoria. Misery…Oh, fuck it.

Reality check. Please have exact change.

Text Message: "Sorry, can't talk now."

Change is good. Change is good.

"We are opposites." "No, we're not."

STD WARNING: Life. Painful, highly contagious.