Jump or Run
by: trista groulx

I see myself,
Standing at the edge,
Of a dock
Overlooking a murky lake,
Knees trembling,
They are knocking
As they watch from afar,
Will she just jump in
Get a little wet?
Or will she run away,
I see myself clear as day,
Standing upon that dock,
Knees atremble, body shaking
Wearing a life preserve,
For added safety
Still I stand there on the edge
Waiting for something,
What? I'm not sure
No one's there to give a push
They all watch from afar
Will she jump?
Will she run?
While I stand frozen,
Unable to unfreeze
Ready, wanting so much to jump
Fearing the murky waters
And it secrets
Will this be enough?
Will this keep me afloat?
So there I stand
I see me clear as day
And yet, I just can't
I just don't chose
Take the plunge?
Run far away?
Run so far to start anew
To find me once again
They watch with baited breath
Will she jump?
Will she run?
And there they wait still
When will she finally decide?
She'll tell you when she knows