Summary: Constance Witman's life was perfect. That is until her dad go married to the devil herself. Now she has to move to a boarding school across the country, leaving her friends, her boyfriend and her home in New York. Could things possibly get any worse? Definitely.

I woke up today in London

As the plane was touching down

And all I could think about was Monday

And maybe I'll be back around

- 3 Doors Down

Chapter 1: Waking up in London

There was one last thing she needed to do before she left, she had been putting it off on purpose and now there was nothing more to do, it was time. Constance picked up her phone and dialed in the number and waited for the sound. The sound was her last goodbye. As the phone rang twice a male voice answered on the other line.

"Hey baby, what's up." The brunette took a gulp of air before telling him.

"I need to talk to you Nick. It's really important."

"What is it, you sound a little stressed." Constance closed her eyes and pictured him in his room on the phone. His big blue eyes, filled with concern, his short curly hair in a mess because it was a Saturday afternoon. She could almost smell his cologne.

"I--" Here they came, again. Hot liquid filled her eyes as she swallowed back the tears and kept moving. "I'm going away."

"Going away? Where?"

"Box Hill."

"Your going to a box, on a hill," Nick laughed.

"Nick please, this isn't the time."

"Sorry, so when are you going to be back?"


"What do you mean by that?"

"That stupid bitch is sending me away, that's what I mean! " Constance yelled through the phone and threw a pillow across the room. "Because my fucking father is so fucking wrapped up in his new fucking wife that he doesn't care that he's destroying his own daughter, his own flesh and blood's life!"

"Constance, calm down. Just breath okay. When are you leaving."

"In 30 minutes."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I don't know, I couldn't."

"We're never going to see each other again and you tell me last minute. I'm your boyfriend, why would you wait that long to tell me?"

"I don't know, I just did."


"I'm sorry, I love you. Bye." With that last said she hung up the phone and wiped the tears from her cheeks, she didn't want him to hear her cry. Constance collapsed on her bed, which consisted of two pillows, well one now, two suitcases, and her purse. She felt her cell phone vibrate a couple times in her hand before breaking out in 'Only One' by Yellowcard. It was their song for each other, which meant that it was Nick on the other end of the phone. She couldn't bare to hear his sweet voice again so she simply flipped it open and pressed the 'reject' button and turned off her phone.

"Sweetie," her fathers voice came from the doorway. "Are you all packed up?"

The seventeen year old looked up from her pillow at her dad and glared at him. But it wasn't him who she was mad at, it was the bitch he just married, without her consent. It was all her fault, and speaking of the devil--

"Oh cheer up honey, you'll make new friends." It was her voice, filled with mock sweetness. She knew the real Meredith Jones, well Meredith Witman now. Everything was all a fake, from her voice to her boobs to her nails. She wondered how her father could have possibly fell for this woman, even her eyes were fake, they weren't really blue the were brown and her blonde hair, red. Constance hated that woman with every fiber in her. She had tried to get along in the beginning but Meredith had been straight with her right when they first gave her the news. She could remember that day as though it happened only a few moments ago…

"Sweetie, this is Meredith, and we have something important to tell you." 'Oh no, please don't say it dad please.' Her father continued. "Meredith would you like the honors."

Jack walked around to Meredith and put her in his arms and the smiled and kissed like a cute couple would and it sickened Constance to see it. The kiss was long and hard and loud. But finally, after detaching themselves Meredith cleared her throat and continued on with what was so 'important'.

"Your father and I, that is to say if you'll agree with our arrangement, are getting married. Isn't that great!"

"Oh," Constance choked, "That's--that's really something, erm, yeah, that's really…" she trailed off at a loss of words, but pretended to be thrilled.

"I knew you'd be happy." Jack smiled and got up to kiss his daughter on the cheek. "I'll go get something for us to drink to celebrate. Champagne?"

"That sounds great Jack," Meredith smiled and watched him greedily as he walked into the kitchen, Constance looked on begging herself to wake up from the nightmare she was in.

"Wow, Meredith, I don't know what to say." Constance smiled over at her new mom-to-be.

"Don't try acting all sweet on me you little brat, I know very well what you really think. But I could care less because me and your father are getting married no matter what. And as soon as we do, I'm shipping you off to boarding school across the country, that way I don't have to deal with you."

Her jaw dropped. How dare she! That stupid little--

"Well, here we are." Jack came back in with the drinks. "Constance, you okay?"….

"Constance, sweetie, are you with us here?"

"Yeah dad, I'm almost ready, be out in a minute."

Well, she had done it, and kept her promise too. Constance had tried everything to drive her out, even telling her dad what she had said, but did he believe her? Of course not. So here she was, all packed up and ready to go to boarding school, in Europe no less. Meredith had picked the better of the boarding schools. 'How nice of her, yeah nice enough to marry my dad for his money and make my life a living hell.'

"Well, this is it." Jack hugged his daughter and kissed her on the forehead. Somewhere in the background a voice on the intercom rang telling the passengers of flight 108 for England was leaving. "Oh come on cheer up, this will be a great new experience for you, who knows, you might even make a new friend." He laughed at his own joke. "Well be good, have fun, and if you need anything call me anytime you need."

Constance got out her phone dialed in her dads number and pressed send. Jack rolled his eyes and laughed before answering the phone.


"Can you take me home now?"

"Constance, please quit asking me that. I really want you to do this."

"You want me to or Meredith wants me to."

"Both." He hung the phone up and gave another hug to his daughter. "I love you."

"I love you too, dad." Constance rolled her eyes and wiped the tear off her cheek.

"Call as soon as you land in England."

"I will."

"I wish you enough."

"I wish you enough!" The brunette grabbed her carry-on off the floor and headed for her hall that led to the airplane.

Once Constance was on the plane and settle she stared out the window and at was once her home, memorized every part of everything. Thinking about her friends, her ex-boyfriend, her dad, and Meredith. Her last tear fell out of her emerald eyes and she silently said goodbye to her hometown.

"Good bye New York."

An old lady in a dull pink dress and a flowered hat sat beside her and smiled before hooking on her seatbelt and pulling something out of her purse.

"I always take these with me when I go on trips," she had a think Scottish accent. "I find it helps my mind relax when I have too much going through my head, and sometimes," She reached for one more thing in her purse. "I'll have an extra for a friend in need." Her blue eyes shone down on Constance as she pulled out another crossword puzzle and pencil. Constance wiped her face one more time and gently took the puzzle book from the old lady and thanked her.

Throughout most of the trip the two sat there doing the crossword puzzles and making small talk. The lady's named turned out to ironically be Meredith, she lived in a small town near England with her husband and was in American for a friends funeral this week. She had three children and eight grandchildren, was a famous dancer in Europe in her 'younger years', and was an ace at crossword puzzles.

Constance had never met either of her grandparents because they had died before she was born so she liked the company of this Meredith and wondered if her grandparents would have been as cool as her if they were still living. Of course Meredith had asked what was bothering her at the beginning of the trip and being a wise old lady wouldn't budge on the subject when she had told her nothing was wrong. So eventually Constance ended up tell Meredith her whole life story, well from the day her dad announced his engagement to Meredith up until now.

"So why didn't you go with your mom?"

"She passed away a few years ago with Leukemia."

"Oh, I'm so sorry deary, I didn't mean to bring up more sad memories."

"No, it's okay, I don't mind talking about it anymore."

"Well that's good, I'm glad to hear about that. Well if you don't mind old ladies need a lot of rest, so I'm going to take a little nap before we get to England, you might consider doing the same yourself. It sounds as if you've had a long month."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. It was great meeting you Meredith."

"Oh the pleasures all mine dear, the pleasures all mine." The white haired old lady gave her another warm smile before leaning her seat back and falling asleep, Constance watched her for a moment before getting a flight attendant for blankets and pillows. When she came back the girl pulled a blanket on the old woman and tucked herself in before falling into a sound sleep.

By the time Constance woke up the plane had just landed and people were already moving around to get their carry-ons and leave the airport. The young woman looked around the plane for a moment to say goodbye to the old lady but couldn't seem to find her. Constance shrugged and continued to gather her stuff and leave the airport. Her dad told her to find a cab and go to Box Hill Schools, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey, apparently it was the main entrance to her new school.

"Taxi! Taxi!" Constance yelled and waved her arms, but it was no use.

"First time in London?" A voice spoke. Constance jumped and turned around, she found herself facing a rather attractive guy and he looked about the same age too.

"First time in Europe actually."

"I see." The boy smiled and readjusted his bag. "Let me show you how it's done around here."

He walked up to the edge of the road and put an arm out, then whistled high and loud. A taxi immediately stopped and pulled up to the sidewalk. He then opened up the car door and turned around.


"Wow, you want to do that one more time for me."

"You can take this one."

"Oh, are you sure?"

"Yeah, besides, my ride's right here." The boy looked up and pointed over towards a black limousine.

"Oh," she stared dumbfounded, it wasn't that she had never seen a limo, because she had been in several before, but it was the small designed flag on the antenna that entranced her.

"I'm Will by the way."

"Well, thanks for your help Will," Constance smiled back at him and threw her bags in the car.

"I really appreciate it." With that said she got in shut the door.

"So I don't get your name then." Will yelled as the car began to accelerate through the traffic, Constance rolled down her window to answer him.

"Constance, my name's Constance." And with that the taxi drove off down the street.

Constance rolled up her window and leaned back in her seat. She couldn't believe it, she was actually in London. She had always dreamed of one day coming to London but not in this kind of situation. She still couldn't believe her dad let Meredith send her to London to a boarding school. They were supposed to be best friends and he ditched her! How dare he!

The seventeen year old stepped out onto the sidewalk and took a deep breath of air before paying the taxi and grabbing her bags. There it was, her new home, large trees surrounded the old-looking brick school. At first sight it took away her breath, the school was beautiful.

Constance pushed open the black iron gates and walked to the entrance of the door. Her first step on the school grounds felt like her first step to imprisonment, and she was going willingly too!

"You can do this, its just like back home." The brunette whispered to herself. 'only everyone speaks with a British accent, I'm a million miles away from home, and some PIG is hanging herself on my father.' "Wonderful."

"Do you often talk to yourself?" Constance jumped and turned around.

"Oh, hi. No, not usually." The American gave a friendly smile. It was a girl about her age.

"I'm Megera, but you can call me Meg."

"I'm Constance, you can call me, well, Constance." The two shook hands.

"So I take it your new around here." Her blue eyes shone with interest.

"Yep, how'd you guess."

"Your clothes."

"Do I look that bad?" Constance laughed looking down at her outfit.

"No no, its not that at all. Its just that your not in uniform, not to mention your accent."

"Oh, well you caught me." The girl hiked up her bag on her shoulder. "So do you think you could show me where to go?"

"Sure, follow me."

The two went down a series of curved hallways and a couple flights of stairs before they made it to the office. The whole way Constance was in awe of the beautifully decorated corridors. Never in her whole life did she imagine that she would actually find her new boarding school an amazing sight. In fact, so far that is, she was actually enjoying herself. 'How is that?'