Make a Move


One word short,

A day too late.

You missed your chance,

You'll have to wait.

You had the time

To take the risk,

But time ran out —

The chance you missed.

You waited too long

To make your move;

The chance I gave you,

You abused.

Now you want me,

And I've moved on.

It's a shame, but

You waited too long.

I have someone now,

While you pine for the past

And I'm telling you,

The memories don't last.

So move on with your life

And take the leap.

Don't wait so long;

Don't make your heart bleed.

You couldn't have me,

But there're other fish in the sea.

And I know that one day

You'll find somebody.

Don't hold your tongue,

Don't wait another day.

Take that chance,

Before it slips away.

The risk is worth taking,

It pays off in the end —

So maybe you'll end up with

A lover, instead of just another friend.


L. Kantenseter