a/n: i rote disz 4 tim cuz i luv him! itz supozed 2 b A song 2 sing 2 him kind of. hes sleepin over tomarow end i thynk im gonna resite it 2 him he lykes mi poemz speshally 'meet grinder'. TIM I KANT WATE TOO SEA U!!1! BRUNG THE CONDOMZ!!!.

I sang u 2 sleep in my arms
Wen the nite wuz dunne
And wen u left I was harmz
By no more seckz its fun

Tim u left butt not for long
U'll bee bak I kno u will
To heer mi sing dis song
In the mournin wheehee krill

Im lyk juleyt sayin buy 2 romio
And ur lyk cordilya on mi floar
But ur alive shez ded it showz
How i want u moar end moar

Mi pashen is raging lyk a fyre
Thouw mi u hav 2 dipart
I h8 that u must go iz it dyre?
Plz our luvmakin just start.