-1Hell in 2012

Tell me something I don't want to hear

Tell me something I have a right to fear

Tell me it might not be right to have a beer

Right now

Time is of the essence

Planets align

Time to learn our lessons

Need I remind?

The end is now

Don't tell me

Don't tell me

Don't tell me

The elder gods are coming

Tell them

Tell them

Tell everyone else

The hell the world's becoming

I don't want to hear it

Yes I do

No I don't

Yes I do

Just go easy on me

Dust the tomes

Barricade the tombs

Cast the bones

And bury the boons

This war won't be so simple

Fire alight

Doors locked tight

Prepared to fight

And the stars are right

Trust no gods

No man

No money

No property

No permanence

Trust no gods