"I'm going to kill myself"
And it's that girl that no one notices
That no one cares about
That wants to take her own life
Who no longer wants to live
But it's not until you hear her first sniff
And see her first tear
That you actually feel for her
Fear for her
And her life
As speaks those words
"I'm going to kill myself."
She cries
And stuffs her stomach
She feds you the information
Of how and why
And you can't stop her
Or can you
Or could you have
If you hadn't been so mean
Think before you speak
Someone else's life might be at risk.
Change it now
So those words don't become reality
Can turn to death
If kindness flees
And your words mean nothing
Because your lies will eventually crumble
And the cry
And the question of
"I'm going to kill myself"
From the outcast
And loner at school
Becomes reality.