As if, she reminisces…

I fall out in love

Not…and I fall …again

Alive…out of Grace …again

Extraordinary love at all.

how known

easy never

it had

is you

to if

fal as


Like the leaves from the trees that autumn… (that fall); they fell too hastily to recall where they came from, blinding the world with the crimson of passion new. And that was when I realized… (when I knew), as they withered and writhed at my feet in a colorful and unabashed dance for lost causes, I knew that it was time for you to go… (to leave.)

And I remember how the winter came too soon, that year. I remember unforgiving white as it came to bury the autumn… (the fall… my fall… ours,) the winter I fell out of love, until it was as if it was never there at all. Or at least I think I remember…

I fell out of love

and then I found that Grace was gone.

As if

she had


been there

at all.