Forever Gone

And I see the message engraved on this gravestone
And all I can do is cry
I know why this happened
And it's my fault that I couldn't stop this
The sky is gray
And clear raindrops are falling
The leaves are withering
And the flower petals by the dirt
Are dying
Just like she had…
The color of the world
Is the same as your bottle
Mom, why did you do it?
I cried
More to God than anyone else
"I guess I failed as a mother and a person."
Stop this nonsense.
Stop it please!
I kept screaming and running
Crying and shouting
In moments I woke
Surrounded by green
Inspirations aplenty
And light streaming
Mother's alive
But so is her addiction…
Hopefully that day will not come
At least not for awhile.
But I think those words on her gravestone
Are already engraved in my heart
To me my mother is already
Forever gone.