Eggs and Mentos

I remember standing only a few feet from the ground
Sitting in a car
Passing those simple wooden fences
And seeing the sky painted in pretty colors
I remember eating eggs on Sunday mornings
And mentos on the way to church
They were my favorite
I remember being envious of my brother
As he played army men with my daddy
And I remember despising the colors
That the army men possessed
Now I don't pass those simple wooden fences
Or eat eggs all that often on Sunday morning
No longer do I eat mentos
No longer do I hate the color green
It has become my new obsession
And I am no longer low to the ground
Now my love for mentos and eggs
Has faded
Along with those days
But I love those memories
And the way the taste of the food in my mouth
Brings me back to the days
When I was close to my father
And I was happy
When depression didn't grip me
And love wasn't frightening.
That was the time when love was what I wanted
Eggs and mentos
Are simply a reminder
Of what life used to be like
And what I wish that it still was.