If words have power to move and to mold,

If people obey just because they are told

Then I shall speak now as I have never spoken,

This is my last effort to make myself visible.


From the time the first rays of dawn touch the sky

Till the sun has set and the birds no longer fly

From the first hint of night to the beginning of day

I am there, always.

I watch you with sadness and I watch you with hurt

It is with such pain I look at you, I think I might burst

My heart is merely human, but my emotions know no bounds

I look at you, and my soul is aching.


But the love lies therein, with the sadness of time

That could have been ours, but now is just mine

Spent alone and weeping, crying your name, wishing

That you could see me.

The nights were like eternities, cold and dark

While I held you so softly, in the silence so stark

I sang to you and whispered what you wanted to hear,

And never did I leave your side.


And when you were shedding tears in the rain

I caressed your soft hair with no shame

I breathed for you, breathed you until the sun came to shine

And I would have kept singing just to please you.

But somehow, I was never visible unless you were down

In your brightest moments, I watched without a sound

I was there through it all, casting no shadow

And not once did I ever ask for anything in return.


So if love conquers all, then I will take what I can

Whether it be singing you to sleep or just watching you stand,

And maybe you will see me, for I am there

For you, my heart is always open.