And it's funny
How the thing that you hate
Can consume you so much
When you say, "I love you."
You think of them sweetly
And constantly
And when you say, "I hate you."
You think of them just as frequently
—if not more—
And they begin to control you
And your thoughts
Your poetry
And your everyday words
Your actions
Yes, hatred is poisionus
And it's funny
How you can become so obsessed
With the thing that you hate
Whether it be a possession
Or person
A sport
Or an emotion
I hate my depression
But it grips me daily
I hate alcohol
But I always think about it
And how I can't ever use it
Even when I become old enough
And although I loathe these things
They are in my thoughts more
Or just as often
As the things that I love.
The trick is not to become so
O b s e s s e d
With the things that only
Tear you apart.
But the funny thing is
We all seem to...