Mr. Linden's Library

She heard an ear-shattering screech and knew it was complete. Chelsea Linden, who was 17 years old, was used to the terrifying things her father created, but still couldn't help being frightened. Besides, who wouldn't be scared if your father made mutant plants that usually were destructive or blood-thirsty?

Chelsea had been robbed of her childhood, as well as her mother by her twisted father. On her mother's 38th birthday, Chelsea had made her mom a card, but her father's present had taken her breath away, literally. He had made her a scrapbook, which between most couples is sweet, but this one ruined Chelsea's life, and ended her mother's. Her mother, Kelly, looked at the book, which was innocent enough for approximately two minutes. As she reached page ten a horrible plant engulfed Kelly so she breathed her last breath. At first, her father looked shocked, but soon he became eerily calm. He slammed the book closed on the demonic plant and put it in a metal cage. He then took it into his library and locked it up with his other books. That was five years ago. Chelsea had never been in the library because she wasn't allowed to go in. There was only one key to the secretive room, and her father cared about that key and it's safety much more than he would ever care about Chelsea.

Chelsea was fascinated with the immune system and planned to run away to medical school and become an immunologist. She had found a secret passage way to a small room in the house that she transformed into her medical laboratory and office. She stored and used her medical books and chemistry sets here and out of her father's sight. She was determined to prevent her father from taking away the only thing she had to live for.

If communication is the key to a relationship, Chelsea and her father had absolutely no relationship. He hadn't even spoken to her for five years! Right after the tragic fate of her mother the last words he ever said to her was,"Go to your room". She went to her room and hadn't come out since. She had a doggy door on her door, but it only let things in. That's how she got three meals a day.

If Chelsea wanted to run away, this would be the year to do it. Even though she had waited five years to escape, she couldn't walk out on the mystery of her mother's death. That is how she found herself in a life-death situation.

She used acid that she made with her chemistry set to evaporate her door and snuck into a hall that she barely remembered. She then snuck into her father's room after about ten other rooms in the massive hallway. She saw the key on a chain on his neck.

She reached for it, but couldn't reach from there. She took a baby step and stepped on a potato chip. "CRUNNNCH" Her father sat up and starred into her soft, deep, green eyes and she starred into his harsh, angry brown ones. She took a long shot and lunged for the key. He caught her by each wrist and flipped her into the position you are in when a cop arrests you. Then he warned her, "If it is the book you seek, your fate is sealed". With her hip she popped the cap of her vile of acid and spilled some on the floor beneath him and he fell to the first story. She had planned on taking the key and unlocking the door, but now it was too late for that. The ground tumbled beneath her too. They landed in the library, and the cage of the book was broken. The plant came out and attached to her wrist and slowly sucked the life out of her. He had warned her about the book, now it was too late.