A Tragic Miracle

A man fights illness.

He fights long and hard.

The doctors swear he'll die.

He dances on the edge,

Deep in a coma.

But one day he wakes up.

He is alive and well.

The doctors are amazed,

And swear it's a miracle.

The man leaves the hospital,

Surrounded by his loved ones.

He just left the hospital for good.

What could be more beautiful?

A man fights another man.

They fight long and hard.

They swear the other will die.

They dance on the edge,

Deep in conflict.

One day, the man picks up a gun,

And takes aim.

He swears it's going to end.

He fires at his enemy,

But kills an innocent man

Who had just left the hospital.

What could be more tragic?

What could be more painful?

To find something beautiful

Only to have it taken away?

"It is better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all."

It's hard to believe

Such a tragic miracle…

That love in pain fit so well together.