Sorry for any bad spelling or grammer. I did this on Wordpad, not Microsoft Word, so therefore no spellcheck or thesaurus. It frustrates me just as much as it frustrates you (the reader), so please try to bear with me.

Also, this is a rough draft, so bear with me on that too. I've been thinking on this story for the past couple of days now, but for the most part I'm pretty much winging it.

And for the record, I did not write this story with any sort of religious intent...I consider it purely a fantasy, and so I'd appreciate it if you would too.

I lay in the dark, hearing and seeing nothing. For an eternity this went on...the silence and the blackness. Was I asleep? What was the last thing I remembered? I could remember nothing.

Then slowly the nothingness started to change...I was waking up. I stood up and rubbed my eyes, then tried to get a look surroundings were still very dark and dimly lit. I thought I heard music, and suddenly, out of nowhere and for no reason at all, the strangest sensation of total elation overcame me. I saw the moon-- it was full, and enveloped me like a spotlite. The music crescendoed...a phantom orchestra, just for me. I started dancing, I couldn't help it, it was as if some force was controlling me. Not to complain though...oh the night! Oh the feeling! I lept and flailed like a savage around a fire, so full of life was I!! So alive!! So alive!! So...

Something happened, something terrible. I got incredibly nauseous, and doubled over. I felt the ground around felt alive itself, muscles moved beneath the surface. I must be dreaming. The force controlling me materialized-- an enormous hand came down about a foot above my head. The ground burned and blistered my hands. I began to realize where I was and what was happening to me...

Oh god no, this can't be real!! I'm here!! I'M IN HELL!!!!!

With agonizing pain my body changed, muscles twisting and bones cracking. I became a beast, an animal. I could no longer think clearly...panic took me over. I snorted and growled and ran in circles, having no idea what was happening to me or what I looked like. The beautiful night that had surrounded me only moments before lit up and became an inferno. The heat, the noise, the drove me mad!! I clawed and bit, and heard a malevolent laughing coming from nowhere, or perhaps above. Then the hand which had been holding me from the very beginning turned itself upside down and dropped me.

I fell into a lake of fire, and screamed all the way down.

My name is Ugo Von Brandt, and I am a demon. I wasn't always a demon though. I used to be a normal humane being. I was 21, with a family who loved me and a good life ahead of me. We weren't incredibly religious, which probably accounts for the fact that I'd forgotten how I'd sealed my fate in the afterlife. You see, I'd fallen in love. Her name was Camilia, and she was deathly ill. She didn't tell me this until I'd been seeing her for nearly a year. And even then I didn't believe her, until the day finally came when I was knealing at her death-bed, watching her go before my eyes.

Have you ever been in love, dear reader? If so, then you can imagine what I must've felt like, watching her love, my everything. Friends and family tried to get me to understand how it was meant to be, and tried to help me let go. Everyday I prayed for a miracle, and every day she got worse. I very quickly began to lose my faith. So I resorted to something else, anything that would help her...I sold my soul to Satan, in exchange for her life. And it worked.

It was a miracle, everyone said. Within days, for no evident reason, she got well. And we were together again. I'd almost lost her...and everyday I woke up I couldn't believe she was still here with me. About two weeks went by, and I decided to marry her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her before there was any risk of losing her again. I got her father's blessing, and I got the ring. I carried it in my pocket, so I would be ready if the right moment came unexpectantly. Then the accident happened.

I was walking past the bank when I heard gunshots. A bank robery. Realistically thinking I probably would've moved on, had I not heard children crying from inside the building. I bolted inside with the stupid fancy of being a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue, only to find that I'd been terribly mistaken. There were only grown men in the building, wearing their best suits and now calmly crouching on the floor, waiting for the whole thing to be over with. I stood there looking rather alert, and spotted the burgler with his backed turned towards me. He heard the door slam and spun around, infuriated by my presence and the fact that I was standing up in direct defiance of him. "What the hell you think you're doin?!" he demanded and grabbed me by my collar. Ordinarily I was shy and a bit of a bumbler, and this wasn't any different. I stared dumbly back at him, terrified. He glared at me. "You tryin' to be a hero, huh?" he said to me. I wanted to answer but was too nervous. I wished I was braver. "Well here's your opportunity," he continued. "You're gonna help us whether you want to or not. Take this bag and go and get the cash, and no one gets hurt."

Sure, I felt somewhat bad about it, but I'm sure everyone would at least be pleased to just get out without being shot. Within two minutes I was back with a bag full of money. The burgler looked at me and grinned. "Good job!" he said. "That was're a natural, you know that?"

I didn't have time to respond. One of the well-dressed businessmen stood up and pulled out his own gun. Chaos ensued. "You aint walkin' outa here with my money, ya hear me?!!"

"Wanna bet?!" said the burgler, pointing the gun at him. He pulled the trigger and fired. I started to run behind the counter for safety when I felt the shot between my shoulder blades. I fell face first on the marble floor. The last thing I saw was my own blood pooling around me, then blackness.