Their teeth snap As they feast

On their fresh-caught prey.

They've had a most successful hunt

Although it took all day.

Their leader sounds the triumph call

The others all join in

If you ever face these beasts,

Never shall you win.

They finish picking off the scraps

Of every single bone

Their prey has been devoured

Now it's time to go home.

Each stands as stiff as ancient marble

As they get into formation.

They all wait for their leader's call

To sense that sweet sensation.

The call goes out

And all react

Launching into the skies

Each of their bellies packed.

Their wings pull taut

As they catch the warm updrafts.

Their skin is flexing iron,

Their wings like metal shafts.

They flap




Rising into higher spaces.

They look quite magnificent

With Diamonds of cloud dew crusting their faces.

They glide as if floating across the sea

Each one still where it should be.

They all tilt down

And begin to descend

Their long flight home is at an end.

Each returns to his family

Everything is known

About the hunt and long flight back

To hearth and Dragon Home.