Crashing Down By: -Yourshoesdon'tfit- 7/20/07

The world falls around us slowly

But I'm afraid to tell you we're about to die

Looking into your Jupiter eyes makes me weak about my disguise

You read easily what took me a million years to write

And I forgot to mention that I love you

It must have slipped my mind, happens all the time

And I must tell you how I feel

But you're you and probably don't care

Why do you stop so many hearts?

Your love tearing them apart

Am I just another show?

Even so, I need you to know

My heart beats a hundred times faster

My love can't be its own master

I have not given up on you

Please tell me you've done the same thing too

And even if you figure you hate me

I'd love to write that down in my book of brokenness

My book of love still blank pages

Have you decided yet?

Don't mean to rush you but I'm covered in dust

The walls are crashing; there's only us

Have I made myself clear?

We've got to get out of here

But if you really want to, I'll go under with you

Hold this hand, it understands

Don't try to cover this up

You're tired of searching for someone to fill your cup

Now I'm screaming, tears streaming

And I'm crying out, and I'm dying out…

A/N: Okay, so I'm posting this on a whim but I just wanted to get it up ya know? I think it maybe a bit cheesy but it's very heart felt so…do you think the endings. I wrote this for my current boyfriend before because he was basically sending me out of my mind but we're together now and it's all good. :)