-1Planet's Purge, Chapter 1

"Bleh, taste awfully strong."

A strong hand threw a cup downwards, shattering on the old wooden floor.

"I was expecting something sweet and revitalizing…"

A man, clad in red cloth and red leggings, sat in the center of a large, time-worn room with 5 peers in front of him. Sitting side-by-side, in a semicircle on wooden stools , these 5 strangers looked at the man with anxious glances, some peering at corners and others at the floor.

"I would like start off with a passage," The man in the center said, clearing away the silence with a rough, but yet kind voice, "I'm sure you've all heard of it…"

Nervously, the other 5 stared as he took out an old dirty volume, consisting of some tattered paper and a poorly mended spine. His audience leaned a little closer, but they seemed to know what was coming. The man opened the book to a page filled with holes and what appeared to be water stains, though none of the others could tell for sure. This page did look, however, like it had been read far more than the rest of the pages in the book.

"In the beginning of Gauis," The man began ruggedly, "the fields where vast, the mountains high, the valleys low, the rivers deep, and the farms and towns plentiful. The fates looked over our homeland, and only intertwined when necessary. However, they neglected a strong string of towns that where ruled by evil men, not gracious of the gifts bestowed upon them. One had a great river, another had numerous food and health, and the last having great wealth. Eventually these men, consumed by greed, joined forces. Wealth, to create an army. Food, to support the army. A great river, to transport that army. They combined their gifts to oppress the others and soon they spread like a disease, conquering all other towns and cities. Eventually, an uprising of 8 small, but strong, towns joined to fight the tyranny that came at them. They fought for many months, but they found themselves outnumbered and outmatched. As a final resort, they asked the fates to intervene. They gathered every citizen, nobleman, and beggar to pray to the fates, and soon enough after an entire night of prayer, a large torrent of water swallowed up the other lands, leaving only the eight cities and a dense forest surrounding them. All the rest was covered by a great ocean."

He cleared his throat,

"Soon these cities became miniature countries, and in time they became just as greedy as those they wished to be defeated. It became so ugly that swords and sharpened steel had almost been used against one another. As punishment, the fates have taken away their gifts. The forest has started to die, the rivers stopped flowing, and the ground infertile. One can only hope that one who can speak to the fates, or 'Great Lazuki,' should come and speak to the fates. May hope return to our lands…"

With the final sentence, the room became completely silent. No one knew what to say, not because they where at a loss for words, but because they've known their history since they could speak. Noticing the confusion radiating from his audience, the red-clothed man spoke up once more, "I tell you this past that you all know so well in order for you to remember what we are here for. We have been gathered here to fight for what is right, not for personal gain."

A man, third from the left, stood up and said boldly, "If we where here for personal gain, we'd be following Gej, Exert."

The red-clothed man, Exert, smiled and nudged the man on the shoulder.

"Indeed, stranger, indeed."

The others unanimously agreed by nodding their heads and by rocking forwards on their stools. Still smiling, Exert walked back behind a wooden table. He reached underneath it and pulled out a weathered map, which he rolled out onto the table; His smile disappeared. The map showed the eight small countries, side by side in a full circle surrounded by a thick forest and a vast ocean.

"As you know, when the water poured down onto our enemies, it signaled that we would be grateful to the fates. Recently we have not, and as a result-" Exert cracked a window "-We have permanently dark clouds and an ominous formation amongst them in our skies."

He pointed at large, dark oval shaped object in the mass of gray clouds that, upon closer examination, looked like an eye peering down at the lands.

"That," He continued, "has been referred to as the evil eye for quite sometime. Many believe this to be the eye of the fates looking down upon us…"

"But isn't it speculated from people like us that Gej could have…," A dark haired man, first on the left, said abruptly, almost shouting.

"Indeed," Exert replied, "I believe that he could be behind it. I'll get to him in a second."

Exert paced around back and forth, as if he where finding his place in a book, "Furthermore, our countries are starting to head towards war with each other. Combine that with the fact that our resources are dwindling and we create a disaster. What we need now would be a miracle. People have starting to talk about the very last sentences of that passage. Of a messenger, or 'Great Lazuki,' who can help us get through these troubled times. Recently a man from the eighth kingdom has been seen followed by white doves and an arrangement of fireflies and butterflies, which are, of course, the fate's mortal symbols. Lastly, he appears to be able to get the complete attention of the eye-"

"Because he made it," retorted the man on the first left.

"Let me continue…this man has announced that he will make a voyage to the sacred stone altar on the southern edge of the island where it is believed the ceremony that called the fates took place. However, based on my brief history of knowing this man, Gej, and the fact that these omens appeared a few days before he arrived, it seems to point that Gej is using these grim times to his own needs. Though the people are not with us, we must take a stand against Gej. For Gauis, and for the kingdoms."

Exert stopped to look at his audience, they seemed pleased with his speech. He picked back up again, "As you can tell from your surroundings, I've been exiled from the kingdoms for my actions against Gej. Many view me, and you if you wish to join me, as an evil force whose sole purpose is to get rid of the people last hope. With that, I'll leave you to deliberate amongst yourselves whether or not you wish to join me."

Exert strolled out of his shack, leaving a room full of hushed whispers and communication. His shack was surrounded by woods and was only accessible by a small path leading from the third kingdom. He looked at the darkening sky and took something from his belt. It was a large sword in its sheath. Coming from the crack of the sheath where it met the hilt of the blade was a thick, hot stream of vapor. As released his blade from its sheath, he could of sworn he saw the evil eye glance at him, if only for a moment.