Please Baby Please don't go
I will love you It will show
Don't leave me so suddenly
I am not good without you loving me

I forgive you for it all
I am sorry I let you fall
I did it all wrong
One more chance before you are gone

Baby I love you always will
Baby losing you is so hard to deal
Please just don't go away
I want you here everyday

I am the one
You told me in the car
Please don't leave me
Not so far

I just need a chance
To win your heart
I will give you everything
Clean slate and fresh start

I want to be there when you are sick
I want to hold you everyday
This love is real
I will love you in every way

I know you will go
But it will hurt me so
The love of my life
Just too late to show

Take care my angel
I am sorry for my shit
I know you don't want to hear it
So with this writing I will quit

But should you ever want me
Just let me know
I will give you everything
I will give my love to show