Day One:

Jedidiah Madison walked along the school's lawn. He breathed in the warm sun, and let the soft breeze wisp his brownish blonde hair. He sat down on the cool plush grass and closed his eyes. Today was the perfect day. The weather was just right; the people around him were friendly, and most of all. . .

He had a date with the girl of his dreams.

Maya Indigo was a friend that he had since the two were little. She was always cheerful, always smiling, and she had a bit of spunk to her as well. Not to mention that her flowing brown hair, her big brown eyes, and her curvy figure just made her hot.

Speaking of Maya, she was approaching him this very instant.

"Hey Jed." she cooed into his ear. Her hair seemed to become one with the wind as it flowed to the same pattern as the breeze. Her eyes were lit mischievously, and she kissed him gently as she sat down beside him.

"Hey Maya. . ." he managed to say. Her beauty seemed to light up the entire school.

She began to play with his hair. "So we still on tonight . . .?" she asked sweetly.

He smiled. "Yeah, down at Maggiano's, right?"

She kissed him again. "Right."

He looked up into the sky and sighed. This really was the perfect day. His brother was off with one of his friends, so no one was going to bother him.

A moving figure caught the corner of Jed's eye. Curiosity immediately grabbed him as he turned around to see the moving figure.

He watched as a young girl, probably two years younger than him, stagger towards them. Her curly brown hair neatly cradled her pale, pretty face. Her black eyes seemed unusually bright. It seemed she was having problems breathing, though she did not let that stop her. Her frame seemed to be somewhat sickly, though curvy.

Jed sighed. He knew exactly who this was.

"Hello!" Maria Lenson called out. She waved her arms for a bit, but quickly, yet secretly, clutched her chest with one free hand.

"Oh God. . ." Maya sneered, rolling her eyes. Maya never had liked Maria, for Maria was usually quiet, always in the corner, just waiting to be picked on. Her actions had made her seem somewhat cuter, and that had always bothered Maya. Plus, she though that Maria was a bit annoying.

Jed rolled his eyes at Maya. "Be nice!" he whispered.

Maria walked up to them. "Well, I just wanted to say hi." she told them, coughing a bit.

"Whatever loser. . ." Maya muttered under her breath. Jedidiah quickly poked her in the ribs.

Maria bit her lip and looked down at the floor. "Okay, so I wasn't honest. I came for more than to just say hi." she said quietly.

Jedidiah tilted his head in curiosity. Maybe Maria was a bit annoying to Maya, but Maria was his friend. "What is it, Maria?" he asked.

She looked at him through her thick brown curls. "Well. . .I was wondering if you could. . ." she paused and choked.

Maya rolled her eyes once more. "Wondering that he could what?" she asked sarcastically.

Jedidiah gave Maya a warning look. "If I could what?" he asked gently.

Maria took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "I was wondering if you could give me a kiss please!!!!" she asked quickly, pointing to her lips.

Jed blushed and his eyes went blank. He was speechless. Maya, however, was fuming. "Look Maria, we all know that you have been crushing on him since he 'helped' you, but to ask him for something so perverted when he has a girlfriend? Please!"

Maria for some reason was not as timid when she matched Maya's glare. "My reasons are not perverted." Maria growled with equal tension.

Jed sighed and shook his head. "I'm sorry Maria." he told her.

Maria's eyes lost their vigor, and she slowly turned around and walked back to her lunch break.

Maya scoffed. "Can you believe that little brat?" she sneered. "I can't believe that she would even think about asking that from you!"

Jed chuckled a bit before he gave Maya a kiss. "She's young. She'll get over it."


Casey gave Maria a big hug after she finished telling her two friends what had happened. Everything.

"No, Maria, I don't want you to leave!" Casey Walden whined, tears glistening her eyes. "Don't go!"

Maria's eyes were pouring out tears of their own. "Don't worry. You know, we should spend the entire two weeks together! Just me, you, and Jane!"

Jane Smith looked up from her sobbing. "You know what, that should be really nice!" Jane managed to say in-between her sobs.

Maria gave Jane a comforting, yet strong, hug. "It's okay. You will always talk to me."

Jane looked at her with admiring eyes. "H-how do you stay so strong . . .?" she whispered. "We're going to be apart!"

Casey added in her own wonders. "Yeah Maria, why?"

Maria smiled sadly. "I have been afraid my whole life. I want to live life to the fullest now!" she replied.

Casey looked at her with wondering eyes. "Wow. . ."

Jane smiled. "But at least we can still talk to each other, right?"

Maria smiled. "Yeah, always."


Jed came home from school and plopped down his books on the couch. He went into the shower to wash the germs from his body. After all, he had to look good for his date.

"Jed, hurry up in the shower!" a voice called from the other side of the door.

Jedidiah rolled his eyes. His fourteen year-old brother could be such a pain. "Go away Ryan!" he called out.

Ryan was persistent. "I need to take a shower!" he whined.

Jed sighed and promptly got out of the shower. "He's only two years younger than me, yet he acts like a ten year old. . ." Jed muttered under his breath as he passed Ryan.

Ryan rolled his eyes. "I heard that, Jed!" he warned. "Anyways, Mom said that you have to drop me off at Maria's house on your way to your date."

Jed looked at him with bewildered eyes. ". . . No way!" he breathed.

Ryan smirked a bit, his black eyes just asking Jed to kill him. "Yes. Yes indeed." Ryan said sarcastically.

Jedidiah sighed and threw back his head in annoyance. "Fine. . ." he muttered.

A few minutes later, Jed was driving his dad's prized truck in order to pick up Maya for their date. Unfortunately, Ryan was sitting in the back, his faced plastered with a pleased smirk.

"Don't let Mariah seduce you." Jed lectured him sarcastically.

Ryan blushed and looked up at him with a blank look. "No way!" he said firmly, yet had a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

Jed chuckled as he dropped off a blushing Ryan in front of the Lenson home. He stuck around for a bit to watch Ryan run up to Maria and start chattering away. Maria seemed excited as well. For a moment, Jed felt a tingling of his stomach as he watched Maria be the true Maria; the one with absolutely no care in the world; the one that liked to have fun.

The one who did not care what other people thought.

When he snapped out of his thoughts, he blushed as he noticed Maria staring at him with a confused expression on her face. Jed blushed as he sped away, leaving his dark haired brother with Maria.

Fifteen minutes later, he was at Maggiano's. Maya looked at him with flirty glances, enjoying every moment of his blushes. At least SHE'S not here. Maya thought to herself with please.

The night went by quickly. It was full of kisses, laughter, kisses, snuggling, and did I mention kisses?

On the way home Maya gave Jed one long passionate kiss and a seductive wink. "Bye, Jedidiah." she told him in her most flirtatious eyes.

Jed blushed and composed himself. "Goodbye." he managed to say. She then walked home, her hair seeming even more beautiful. Jed watched her for a few more minutes and drove back to Maria's home.

Jedidiah slowly drove to the home and parked in front of the house. He spotted Ryan and Maria in front of the driveway, talking quietly. The conversation seemed so deep that they did not notice that Jed was there.

Jed watched with confusion. Maria's eyes seemed to be glistening with tears, yet she was smiling sadly. Ryan, on the other hand, was crying hysterically. He pulled her into a hug, which lasted several minutes. He then whispered something into her ear, but she violently shook her head. Ryan squeezed her hand, and kissed her gently on her forehead. Ryan's grip on Maria did not falter a bit. It seemed as if Ryan thought that if he let go of his grasp, Maria would disappear. Forever.

Maria glanced at the car, and coughed a bit. She was still clutching at her chest. She seemed to be telling Ryan that Jed was waiting for him. Ryan seemed as if he didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay. Maria hugged him and gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek. She then gently pushed him toward the car.

Ryan slowly made his way to the car. His smile was gone. His eyes were red and swollen from crying. Jedidiah could no longer hide his curiosity. "What happened?" Jed asked quietly.

Ryan was silent.

Jed tried again. "Dude, what happened?"


Jed was getting angry. "Do you expect me to just shut up after what I saw?!"

Ryan turned away. He was obviously not say a word.

The entire ride was silent. Ryan sobs broke the silence here and there, but nothing more. Something was wrong.

Very wrong.

Jedidiah was very confused. Maria seemed to be causing the angst. But why?

Jed quietly went up the stairs after he arrived at the house. He changed into something comfortable, and liid down in his bed. For some reason, images of Maria would flash through his head.

What's going on?

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