Nights of Dreams

Maria rested her head against the pillow, deeply in thought. She watched the darkness swirl around the inky blackness. The trees seemed to shrink and dim until they were not there. The stars seemed to gleam at her tauntingly. Maria shut her eyes, but she could still hear the howl of the coyote, she could still feel the lonely pain of the night. The night was dreadful.

But then again, wasn't her life just as frightening?

She clutched at her chest. She knew that what she wanted was impossible. The one thing, in the most entire world, would fall onto the floor, and would be stomped on, if she did clutch it to her heart. Yet, she knew that it could hurt her.

She looked up into the sky and sighed. She was counting down the time until that moment. She was timing each day, each hour, each second. She didn't have a lot of time, but she had just enough to get what she desired most in the world.

She laughed quietly. Yeah, like that was going to happen. She only had approximately 8 days, 2 hours, and 7 minutes. It was not like she could achieve it by then. It made her quite sad. In fact, just thinking about it, she would sob uncontrollably.

Oh, and did she mention that she had almost gotten Ryan killed? She was in shock when she found out. When she looked at her hands, it seemed that they were stained with thick blood.

Ryan's blood.

But, she was also sad for another reason. A reason that others may not understand. It was terrifying, really. She was never really proud of it; in fact, most of her life, she had been pretty afraid of it. Not even her two best friends knew about her secret.

A secret that may hurt those around her. . .

She shook away the disturbing thought. She never really liked to think of depressing situations, really. But, this night seemed so lonely . . .so depressing.

She could not help but remember about her troubles.

She glared at the stars. Why did they have to be so bright? They seemed to taunt her. Those gleams in the sky. . .

Ugh. She could not think of depressing things!! Right now, all she had to do, is to get some rest.

After all, she did not want to hurt anymore people. To tell the truth, she really did not like to taunt, hurt, or even yell at someone. But somewhere deep inside of her. . .

She laughed.


Jed walked uneasily through the pitch black halls. His heart pounded uneasily against his chest. He felt his temples surge in pain as he tried to climb up the steep floors. He was having another nightmare, he knew. But he could not remove that fear away from his heart. It was just there. . .


Jed swerved around to face a dim light emitting from the shadows. He felt an uneasy feeling start to form in the pit of his stomach. His shaky legs began to walk unnervingly toward the light. He did not know why, but that little girl's voice just brought him the chills.


The voice was getting louder. Jed's stomach groaned uneasily in fear. He knew that something was definitely wrong. No matter where he turned, he could here that voice rush to his head.

"S-s-top it. . ." he cried out through his clenched teeth. He knew that it was the voice of a little girl, but he could not understand why it frightened him so. He felt his legs give way and he toppled to the floor.

The floor, a cold, clammy place that he knew represented his entire dream. His feelings stood tense as his body touched its cold, metallic surface.

"Mommy. . ."

Jed rose up his body, and rushed toward the voice. He just had to know what was going on!

He fought the fear and stiffness of his body and battled the darkness and despair of the environment. He strove to reach that dim light, whatever it was. . .

"Where are you Mommy!?"

Jed could clearly hear that voice, now. He scrambled up the steep ground and finally found himself in a totally different place. How could he be here? Wasn't he just in a dark room?

But yet, he was here, in the woods. He had never been in this part of the woods, though he did recognize some of the distant trees to be the same ones he used to climb when he was younger.

But that was not what held his attention. A young, crying girl with big brown eyes was looking around desperately for her mother. "Mommy!" she cried out again.

Jed tried to approach her, but it seemed that every step he took, he seemed to be drawing further back. Finally, he stopped, watched, and waited.

The little girl clutched to her worn teddy bear. Her rosy dress shifted here and there as she looked around for her parent. Jed wanted to help her so badly, but he knew that he could not move anywhere.

Suddenly, a loud growl startled to young girl. She screamed in terror as she tried to locate the sound. Jed felt trails of sweat on his forehead. He was helpless.

"Mommy!" she cried again, clutching on her bear harder than ever before. She tried to look for a way out, but seemed to be trapped in fear, and in confusion.

A loud howl broke the silence of the woods. Jed's heart sank as he knew what would happen next. He closed his eyes, as he heard the screams and howls emit together. . .

Jed woke up soaked in sweat. He looked around, trying to figure out if he was really here, or if it was all just another dream.

No, everything was normal, except for the fact that Jed was on the brink of loosing his sanity, and he could do nothing about his dreams. Jed lied back down on his back, ignoring his constant trembling of fear. All that was on his mind was the single question: who was that girl and why did she look so familiar?

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