It's like we're standing back to back
Shoulder blades rubbing into dust
Of the people we used to be
Mostly of who I was before
Before everything

I can feel your hand almost touching mine
That static electricity when your nearly there
It's almost skin on skin again
But leagues and inches separate our fingertips
Cruel air I don't want to comprehend

But I still feel you with me
Even if I can't touch your face
Look into your eyes
(even though I'm still afraid
so afraid of what I would see)
And almost smile again because
I think I might have been right this time

You're just a voice in my head now
Another thing I'm not allowed to touch
A breakable little boy behind the glass
Safely tucked in my mother's china cabinet
Holding the key in your pocket
Smiling so absurdly perfect I want to touch
I want to scream that it's all wrong

But there's a gag against my tongue
(where your mouth used to be)
And ropes around my wrists
(my hands still warm from your grip)
Telling me it's all just a lost cause
A wish glued on a star
Floating billions of miles away
Never to be grasped or even touched
Modern fantasies and fays

And even though I know it's not real
I've realized there was nothing
Is nothing
Something inside of me still wonders
Let's my mind wander to what's not there
And inside I can feel you still
I try to hold your hand
Hold your head up when you fall
Because we both know you'll fall