" That's impressive." I said, nodding at Emily.

She strongly exhaled, " Thanks."

" Nicholas Grean sounds…"

" Pretty amazing. I know." Smiled Emily.

" Man, we both think the same! It's freaky!" I laughed.

She laughed too, " Tell me about it! It's like we were separated at birth!"

I was sitting on the floor next to my bed (yes! I put my bed in three days ago!) and Emily sat on the foot of my bed. We both had our pajamas on. Mine was really short shorts and a tang top. Emily's, matching 'jammies with long pants and a sleeveless shirt. We laughed our butts off because we started copying what each of us said in foreign accents. Emily tried Irish and she really could of gone as an Irish immigrant. Me? I tried Chinese and African. Then my impression of a Jewish man talking about fish.

Out of nowhere, my bedroom door slams. Emily and I jump.

" What was that?" whispered Emily.

" Maybe my little brother trying to scare us." I said.

I heard my mom through my door, " What's going on in there?"

" We're making a play! Sorry!" I lied.

Emily moved closer to the head of my bed and formed a little ball with her body. I got up and walked over to my door and turned the knob. It was stuck.

" It's stuck!" I said to Emily.

She was taking uneasy breaths, " No it's not. It's not stuck."

" Yes it is!" I corrected her.

I tried to open it again but it wouldn't. " Brad!" I called out, " Brad! Open my door!"

No answer. Even the TV in the living room was silent and it was on a second ago.

I started banging on the door. " Brad! Mom! Anyone! This isn't funny!" Silence.

" Stop it, Judy. Stop!" shouted Emily.

" What's wrong?" I asked, turning to her. She was as white as a ghost.

" He's here." She whispered.

I walked over to her but in the middle of my stride, the lights went off. I tried the switch. Broken. Emily started whimpering.

" What's going on?" I asked. Shadows started moving across the room. I was so freaked out, I got under my blanket at the foot of the bed and slowly crawled to a corner of the room. My head was peaking out, I could see Emily's breath.

Emily, why do you fear me? Said a distant, but deep southern voice.

Leave Emily alone, Daniel. Nicholas was here, I could tell by his English accent.

Emily, why do you fear me!? Emily!

Some disembodied entity started rapidly shaking Emily. She screamed and cried.

" Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Go away!" she said in a commanding voice.

The shaking stopped and it almost felt like that evil spirit started to pace.

I can't believe this! All this time! You really do love him, you little witch!

Emily shouted, " You're scaring me! Father, in your holy presence, rid any evil-"

Shut up! Shut up! You really think I waited all this time for you to rid me?

Nicholas spoke up, She doesn't know you.

Of course she does! That's how love is, right? She has to know me!

No, this is them in the beginning. She told me. Nicholas explained.

What else did she tell you, hu!? That you're a horrible beast!? You ruined everything for me, Nick! You and that whore you were cheating on Emily with!

Daniel, don't ever call her a whore! I love her!

And I loved Emily! But you didn't care, did you? You selfish!-

My lamp was knocked down, along with my notebooks and backpack. Emily screamed to the top of her lungs and so did I. When I did, the items flying off my nightstand ceased.

So that's where the little doggy is. The demon laughed. Awe, are you scared?

Someone grabbed my hair in a tight fist and yanked me out of my blanket. I screamed.

Daniel! Stop it! Stop it! Shouted Nicholas, Dammit, stop!!

The evil spirit let go of my hair and I quickly crawled next to my bed, breathing heavily.

What are you going to do, Nicholas? Laughed the ghost.

Judy! Are you alright? He asked me.

Crying, I shook my head. My whole body was shaking and I was terrified.

Daniel! I can't believe you! Why did you do that to her? Why!? he shouted.

Are you going to hurt me? You're a good ghost. You can't hurt me.

She said that Emily loves you! She said that it all was a misunderstanding! said Nick.

Oh really? Daniel said, unconvinced. What else did she tell you?

There was a pause, then Nick added, That I'm going to do THIS!

All of a sudden, the world around me went black.