I didn't want my memories to show up haunting me, once again.

Terror wasn't supposed to be found in teasing pink tissue paper.

Mistakes keep following me through those dark shadows of life.

Fate is playing with me, dangling me at the end of a lifeline.

I tried to make this better, but they're only going wrong.

I tried to be happy, but I couldn't hide from frowning.

This is my life, I'm not to sure this is what I want to be.

The backwards, upside-down, evil glare isn't the way it should be.

Saying sorry isn't enough, and I know it never will,

but somehow I keep on trying to say it though you turn away.

What do you say behind my back? What words are you uttering?

I'm crying at your feet and wishing for some mercy,

but what's the point asking for something I know I don't deserve?

I didn't mean to make things worst than they already are,

I just tend to make the world collapse right down.

My mind is turning away from me, but I need it.

I'm confusing myself with my own words, what's happening?

I can't understand the ink filled words on this tattered paper,

my own tattered words…on this tattered paper.

What's happening to me?


a/n: I wasn't always like this, was I?