Music Kisses

The tune that's in sync with my heart
Has started to play through my veins
Notes swirl and dance
Kiss the bruises away

No longer heartache
Or memory
Pain or thoughts
Can stop the beauty
And the tranquility

"My chains are gone."
The sweet melody embraces me
Stars wrap themselves around me
And illuminate the lies
So I can rid them from sight

I feel a presence above
A guiding force
Peace, hope, love
Through the music of the guitars

Vocalists soar with their harmonies
A cappella
And clear
Glass and transparent
Showing their heart of gold beneath
The words they sing

And the music kisses the bruises
Erases the hurt
Drowns me in beauty and light

Illuminating love
And holding my hand through this storm
And I know I'll get through
With these music kisses from heaven.