over your head and under my radar

someone heard the way we talk
set it to a city beat
made a cd
someone saw the way we live
displayed it on the big screen
all our secret codes exposed

lipstick billboards and late night salesmen
sell us clothes that do not match
that's your cue, recite your line
can't help but wonder if there's a catch
(…caught a falling star…)

in an old wet photograph
traffic lights and buildings
that didn't last
all the faces fade so fast
(repercussions of that day in the eye of the thunderstorm)
or lying eyes just blur the past

labyrinth of fragmented dreams
triangles and laser beams
inconsistently not what it seems
anesthetized by sparks and chemistry

always running, never fast
(what's too fast?)
waiting on a train with electric smog
no looking back
no standing still
no wanting in
no backing out
always measured by what we're not

how can i doubt
the eclectic rain that's always
falling on your face
more real that i can believe
colorless flames
overflowing drown us out
if the pixels continue to
at this rate it will all be a dream

i'll be a dream


no, don't brush me away when you
open your technicolour eyelids and
ambiguity takes over your
exhausted mind, scorching
damaged photographs fade with the times
your multiple histories
call me away
things are different now

stop complaining that your vision is becoming weak with time
all that really matters lies behind our eyes