free our speech

you say there's no 49th parallel
or a problem with dichotic honesty
that there's only one honest doctor and
only one disease
you send your children to protest outside hospitals
oblivious to the cause
teaching them there are no germs or radiation
there is only one unforgivable crime
no wonder the kids don't want what they need
it's not a new trend
beautiful criminal science
it didn't start this morning or 70 years ago
this started before the history books
flew up to the stratosphere as white ash
i may be imaginary but i read
and i talk
too young to know until you're too old to care
so convinced there's only one metaphor
you want to talk bad words and cover ups?
let's go.
i'll meet you where the wind is cold
the ground is saturated with ash and
fragments of the structure still stand
tell me nothing worth mentioning ever happened here
where they played music
the hardest music in the world to hear.
go ahead.
I Dare You.
after all, we're all starving artists
even if we have very different definitions of art
and starvation.
tell me there's an age requirement on the truth
that one day this will be easy to listen to
and accept
that one day this will make sense.