I watched him.
I watched him for three days.
He was tall and well built with mousy brown hair that skimmed around his eyes which shone a light blue.
His father was a multi millionaire and heir to the throne of a small Spanish town.
He was also a paranoid maniac who thought his son was going to kill him to inherit his money and to become next in line to the throne.
Michael didn't want to kill his father for the money or the title he wanted to kill him for murdering his mother who was a gold digging bitch according to Michael's father George.
Michael took a seat and ushered a waiter to bring him a drink.
We were on board a cruise ship the size of a small city it was travelling to Argentina and I had boarded in London as well as Michael as his father.
I swirled my wine and watched the bubbles rise and then glanced at Michael again but he was now moving along the boat towards the front.
I had to get him alone if I was to kill him.
I was a hit man, hired by George.
I had long slightly orange blonde hair, pale skin and grey eyes.
I was wearing light blue jeans and a white button up shirt.
Tidy but not as tidy as Michael's tuxedo.
I moved forward in a slow pace to where he stood staring over the edge of the boat.
He looked over at me as I stood next to him.
"Hello, my names Faith." I said resting my arms on the edge of the balustrade.
He glanced me up and down and gave me a weak smile.
I glanced to the left and saw his 'under cover' body guards.
They knew they were to just let me do my thing.
"I've seen you around." I said trying to spark a conversation.
"Mmh, and I you." he said taking a deep swig on his wine till the glass was empty.
"Nice to meet you Faith." he said and went to walk away.
I grabbed his arm and he halted staring from my hand to me with a look I could not decipher.
"You didn't tell me your name." I said in a questioning tone.
He snatched his arm back with a angry tug "You already know it"
My heart did a free fall plunge into my stomach and exploded.
Michael walked away from me and tossed his glass at a nearby waiter who played hot potato with it.
He knew I was here to assassinate him?
He jogged up the stairs and I watched him while trying to think of what to do.
Follow him.
He knows.
I should just get it over with…right?
I set off after him with a brisk pace.
I just came around the corner of the corridor when I saw him enter his room and I raced forward to catch the door before it closed but I was seconds too late and it snapped closed it my face.
"Fuck." I cursed going to bash the wall out of anger but decided against it for obvious reasons.
The door opened quickly Michaels hand grabbed my shoulder and I was propelled forward into the room.
What was he playing at?
He poured him self a large glass of port and took a seat on the small kitchen bench.
I looked around awkwardly.
"So who hired you?" he asked.
"Excuse me?" I asked playing the innocent and dumb card.
He laughed quietly to himself.
"Honestly girl you're the size of a pea and you expect to kill me? Who hired you? It was George wasn't it? Only he would be dumb enough." he said still laughing to him self.
There was a loud knocking at the door and Michael lunged for the lock.
"Michael." the voice said in a deep manly voice.
I guessed it was one of the guards.
"Go away I've hired a hooker." he hissed and then glared at me with a 'if you speak I will slit your throat' look.
They started to hammer on the door and Michael took his place on the bench again.
"How were you going to do it?" he asked.
I looked at him in disbelieve and the guards hammering at the door rung in my ears.
I couldn't believe what was happening.
Was he going to try kill me first?
He lunged at me and held me roughly but not to tight by the throat and shoved me hard up against the wall.
I pulled my dagger from waist where it was held by a leather sheathe under my shirt and pressed it against his stomach.
He leaned against it and glared at me hard in the eyes to see if I had the guts.
He didn't seem to realise I was regarded well in my profession so I gripped it tighter and let him push himself against it.
"You were going to stab me to death?" he asked.
"Or I was going to shoot you." I said simply.
"Where's the gun?" he asked urgently.
"What do you take me for Michael." I said pushing the dagger and I felt it cut him.
"You're working for me now assassin, where's the gun." he said whacking me into the wall harder.
"You don't have the money." I said pushing him off me with my feet and I fell heavily to the floor leaping on him seconds later and holding the dagger to his jugular. "If you kill him I will have all the money in the world, ill give you half." he said staring at me now with pleading eyes.
I got up and put the dagger away "That's a lot of money"
He took a deep swig of his drink and touched his cut stomach gently.
"Where's the gun?" he asked again.
"In my room." I replied.
"Were going to go get it, actually, your going to go get it." he said quickly finishing his drink and staggering a bit.
"What about the men outside?" I asked quickly grabbing his arm to stop him opening the door.
He snatched his arm back angrily, I got the feeling he didn't like to be touched.
"I'll go first and two minutes later you leave, go straight to your room, ill be around the deck on that side, take your gun and go to George." he said quickly and then he shoved me into the corner with a swift sharp swipe and left the room.
"Honestly guys don't you ever…" was all I heard him say before he closed the door.
I walked around his room to take up time.
His bathroom was a pigsty and smelt of vomit, he must be some form of an alcoholic. I figured two minutes was up so I opened the door only to have it shoved closed again knocking me to the floor.
The door opened again and there stood one of Michael's guards with the sun shining from behind him like some sort of hero.
"I knew you couldn't be trusted, just you wait till George hears about this." he said leaning forward to grab me from the ground but I pulled my dagger out and rammed it into his eye, gave it a twist, and rolled out of the way as he crashed to the ground.
He rolled around screaming and clutching his face so I quickly kicked the door closed and got to my feet.
I watched him for a second wondering when he was going to attack me.
It then hit me, I don't want him to attack me, he's huge.
I leant down grabbed his head and his giant paws scratched at my back and his legs thrashed.
I slit his throat with a violent swipe and then just for kicks I rammed the knife deep into his chest where his heart should sit.
His fingernails that were scraping away at my back slowly loosened so I could walk away and assess the damage I had caused while cleaning my blade.
I put my blade back into its hidden sheath and left the room walking back to my room still shaking from the excitement.
Your sick Faith.
I saw Michael leaning over the balustrade ten metres down from my door.
He only had one guard and he was standing 5 metres from my door.
He looked at me suspiciously but didn't move.
I opened my door and closed it with a snap.
My gun was under my pillow.
Cliché I know, but handy.
I attached the gun to the sheath inside my shirt and had a quick glass of water before heading towards George's usual spot on the top deck with half dressed women.
I jogged up the stairs tying my hair up into a pony tail that swung down around my shoulders.
I noticed him on the second floor I glanced down to where Michael was and saw him still glaring over the edge now with a glass of wine.
I walked up to George with caution, he saw me and gave me a hearty smile "You come for your cash?" he asked.
"Not yet George." I said with a flirtatious smile "I need to see you in private." I said gently running my hand down his arm.
He gave me an odd look and then switched his gaze to Michael on the deck below before linking his arm in mine to lead me to a room.
"Is there a problem Faith?" he asked with a suspicious glare.
"George!" I heard a voice puffing "She killed Jim!" I whipped out my gun and went to aim it at his head but his arm whacked my hands and I shot the wall leaving a sizzling burn on his arm.
I ducked down and did a roll past both of their legs before getting to my feet and racing down the corridor.
A large man in a tuxedo quickly stepped out from behind a door, picked me up and dropt me over the balcony.
I hit the deck below with a crunch and my gun slid from my hand and across the deck.
Michael picked it up and shot George's body guard in the head before aiming it at his own body guard and getting him in the stomach so he doubled over and then he shot him through the top of his head.
I got to my feet and stretched out my arm to see if it still functioned as a shot was fired at me and I raced behind a deck chair.
Michael was still standing there fearlessly aiming and shooting until my gun ran out of bullets and then he biffed it at the balcony above, which if you excused the circumstances was rather amusing.
He began to make a break for it down the side of the ship and I got up to follow but he instantly turned around and started bolting back towards me.
"Run." he said and I took off after him.
We reached the end of the boat and I looked back.
There were twelve guards and on board officers in close pursuit.
"Jump." he said moving back for a run up.
I stared at him in disbelief.
"Don't be stupid Michael." I said looking around for the closest piece of land, we were closer to brazil then Argentina, around about Salvador.
He started to run and so did I.
He dived first over the edge and then I went in second, I could hear shouting from the people above and a few gun shoots that missed me and I was hoping had missed Michael.
The ice cold water pierced my skin and I felt like all my limbs would just freeze off and float away.
"Are you okay?" I gasped swimming after him to the closest piece of land that seemed like for ever away.
I knew deep down I wouldn't make it.
"I could be better." he said swiping his hair out of his eyes and taking a quick look at me before looking back at his destination.
I took off my jeans so they wouldn't weigh me down and kicked off my shoes.
"How are you?" he asked noticing what I was doing and started to do the same.
"Im not going to be able to swim that far." I said feeling my innards shiver a bit from the cold.
"Have you got any better ideas?" he asked with a snap.
I fell silent.
This was all his fault.
I should of just stabbed him.
My mind wandered back to my dagger and I clasped its sheath quickly to make sure it was still there.
My dagger was my prised possession.
It came in handy almost twice a day.
I don't see how it could come in handy now unless a giant shark came and tried to eat us.
I suddenly felt sick.
"Michael, what about sharks?" I asked in a scared girl voice and then did a manly cough to try cover it.
"What about them?" he asked.
Fuck him.
Fuck him twice.
How dare he dismiss my fear like that.
He should be afraid too.
"They kill humans ya know." I said angrily.
"So do we." he replied in the same 'Im too clever for you' tone, that I think came with the feeling of superiority you get from being second in line to the throne.
I was too angry to reply.
And my fear of sharks wouldn't go away.
Every movement, every sound invoked my paranoia.
I hated the sea.
I hated it so much and now I was surrounded in it and I had no escape but to keep swimming even though my body was becoming tired and so cold my limbs become stiff.
"We've been swimming for a mighty long time." I finally said.
He didn't reply.
The land was closer but still far away.
We had got about half way.
I was going to get pneumonia before we even got there.
He glanced back at me and worry spread across his face.
"What is it?" I asked as my paranoia went into over drive and I started to panic as I glanced around nervously expecting to see and large fin coming towards us.
There was no fin.
"We'll be there soon." he said.
"No we fucking wont!" I growled "And no matter how much exercise were doing im still fucking freezing and I blame you!" "Okay." he said plainly.
There was another long silence.
"Im not going to make it Michael, im far too cold and im tired." I said returning to my scared girl voice.
He looked at me again.
"When you cant move anymore grab my shoulder." he said and I noticed he was pale as a sheet.
He was just as exhausted as me.
All of this for what? Some money.
Honestly Faith.
My leg went stiff and I couldn't move it.
It must be cramp.
I tried to keep moving but the pain was becoming unbearable.
"Michael…my leg." I said out of breath.
"What is it?" he asked.
"It wont move, oh fuck it hurts." I said trying to bash it into moving while keeping afloat.
"There's a fishing boat over there." he said pointing and I saw a small boat that was barely recognisable.
I tried to swim but my lame leg restricted me and I fell behind quickly.
Michael stopped and waited for me to catch up.
I didn't want to speak because I needed my energy I was just so tired, I felt so faint.
He grabbed me under the arm and started to swim us both to the boat.
I closed my eyes for a second.

I woke with the warm sunlight on my face and a transparent white cotton curtain blowing over my face.
I was in a pale blue room.
It had a small book shelf in the corner with a vase holding yellow flowers.
I was in a double bed with a dark blue blanket covering me.
There was a white summer dress at the foot off the bed which im guessing is for me.
I sat up to see if there was anything I had missed.
How did I get here?
Where is here?
I ran my fingers through my hair to detangle any knots.
Where was Michael?
I got out of bed took off my white shirt and put on the dress which took a while because it was a wrap around tie me up thing that I just didn't know how to work.
In the end I was dressed.
I opened the door carefully and peered around a tall black man walked past and saw me.
He flashed me a smile that bared all of his white teeth.
"Sophia!" he called.
My heart did a flip.
Sophia was a English name.
They speak English!
"I'm not Sophia, im Faith." I said closing the bedroom door and taking a few steps towards him.
He gave me a confused look.
A small girl with long brown hair and large eyes came around the corner and said a sentence in a language I didn't understand.
The man replied and then the pretty girl looked at me.
She would have been around 18.
"My names Sophia." she said with a smile.
I sighed in relief "And mine is Faith"
She rattled on to the man and my name came up a few times.
"Where's Michael?" I asked and they both stopped talking and looked at me again.
"The man I was with…" I said with a note of panic in my voice.
He can't of left me.
"You were with no man." Sophia said with a confused expression.
"How did I get here? I was with a man!" I said angrily.
This had to be a prank.
"Fisherman say he found you in his boat, no man." she said struggling to find the right words, English wasn't her first language,
I felt my blood run cold.
He left me on the boat; I should have just stabbed the pesky little shit.
"We can help you find man." she said touching my arm gently and I looked into her eyes.
The tall black man started to speak again and they started a conversation again.
"Come now." she said grabbing my arm gently "We go to food." I smiled at her bad English, it was cute.
The black man stayed behind as me and Sophia walked down the street.
There were small shacks and houses with lots of animals and park benches and exotic flowers.
Everyone was dressed in light summery clothes.
Sophia had a long purple dress on similar to mine and her long brown curly hair curled and bounced around her shoulders.
"Maybe someone had found Michael on the beach?" I asked Sophia.
"We look later, food now." she said giving me a smile.
She was a very beautiful girl.
She had deep tan and sparkling hazel eyes.
She stopped outside a large building with plenty of tables outside and the aroma of food drifting from inside aroused my hunger.
"Stay." she said indicating a table.
I sat down and watched Sophia enter the building.
A small cat jumped onto the seat next to me.
"Hello." I said in a calm pacifying voice giving the cat a tickle under the chin.
It purred and smooched its head up against my hand.
"Well aren't you just gorgeous." I said picking the cat up and resting it on my lap.
Its fur was a light grey and it had white paws.
Sophia returned with a plate holding sandwiches.
"Ah, you have friend." she said and her accent intrigued me.
"Where are you from?" I asked.
"My mother from India but my father from brazil." she said urging me to eat a sandwich.
"Was that your father I saw before?" I asked.
She laughed "No. that was Pedro, we uhh share house"
"That house is very big compared to the rest of the houses I've seen here." I said.
"Yes, it was my father's he used it as a…hotel? For visitors such as Faith." she said struggling with her sentence.
"Who lives there now?" I asked.
"Pedro, Leandro, Sophia, Faith." she said counting them on her fingers and then smiling as she held up four fingers.
I smiled back and carried on eating my sandwich.
"Where are you from?" she asked.
"London." I replied.
"Where's that?" she asked amazed.
"England." I said and she smiled.
She didn't know where England was.
"And Michael? Tell me about him." she said.
"Well he is tall with brown hair. His father is Spanish but his mother was from England, like me." I said recalling all the information I had gathered.
"What job do you do?" she asked seeming excited by my life.
Well you see Sophia, I kill people.
I smiled "I'm unemployed." "What is that?" she asked.
"Jobless." I replied.
She laughed "I find you job with me"
"What do you do?" I asked finishing off the last of my sandwich.
"I do not know word, I show you." she said and I picked the cat up in my arms so I could keep petting it on our walk.
"Most cats here are homeless." she said giving my new found friend a pat on the head "But every one helps them by giving them food"
"A bit like me." I said with grateful smile.
We walked for 15 minutes.
"This is where we will work." she said indicating a drinking bar.
"Bar maid." I said with a smile.
Easy enough.
"Ricardo!" she shouted grabbing the attention of a deep brown man with spiky black hair.
"Sophia" he said with an adoring look in his eyes.
They went on talking in another language, glancing at me from time to time.
"You have work tonight, I work tonight also, I help faith." she said with a grin.
The cat had fallen asleep in my arms "Isn't that exciting puss." I said kissing its head.
"We go to the fisherman now." she said waving goodbye to Ricardo.
"You and Ricardo are in item?" I asked.
"What is in item?" she asked.
"Together, are you and Ricardo together?" I asked again.
She blushed "No." "Why not?" I questioned.
"Because Ricardo I do not like." she said in a matter of fact tone.
A little girl ran up to me with a yellow flower like I had seen in the room earlier.
She passed the flower to me and I bent down to talk to her.
I took the flower and she stroked the cat.
She started to speak in another language.
"I do not understand." I said glancing up at Sophia.
"This is Charra." Sophia said.
"Hello Charra." I said as the young girl touched my face and hair and then said something to Sophia.
"She says you are very beautiful white women with light hair." she said with a small giggle.
I smiled a thank you at Charra and she took the flower and placed it behind my ear and followed through with a nod of approval.
I handed the cat over to Charra and her face lit up like a fire work.
"We keep going now." Sophia said.
My meeting with Charra put an extra feeling of happiness through me and made this bizarre exotic land brighter.
The people here were so kind and caring.
We strolled down to the beach and I saw an old man with skin like a paper bag tending to a small fishing boat.
"That is him, that is man who find you." Sophia said pointing.
I walked up to him cautiously "Hello?" I said and then realizing after that he probably didn't speak English.
He looked up at me surprised and started babbling in another language.
I smiled at him "I do not speak your language." I said so he would realize I'm English.
He smiled back.
"Tell him I say thank you." I said to Sophia.
And she translated it for him he smiled and back and said something that I gathered was a no problem.
"Ask him if he has seen Michael." I asked Sophia She turned to him and started to speak.
He shook his head in a no.
Maybe he drowned?

-work in progress would like your input, and yes full of mistakes and what not sorry im not a perfectionist :)